Young Wallander – Guardian’s Review “Back to the future with TV’s gloomiest copper.”

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I tuned into the Young Wallander, now streaming on Netflix.  After two and a half episodes, I couldn’t take much more.  Violent, gloomy, dark, and boring.  Violent and dark is what I said of the original series in my review (Read Here), but the original series had the psychological intrigue of the man who solved the crimes.

This is supposed to be about Kurt Wallander’s younger years as a copper, but instead it’s not set in the actual years of his life.  It’s a set in today’s modern-day, giving us no insight into what forges the man during his formative years as a policeman.  The lead is dull and his monotone voice and lack of acting will put you straight to sleep.

Read more at the Guardian – link below.  I’m not going to waste any more space on this review or time on the series.  Sorry, this failed to pop.

Netflix’s prequel to the Wallander novels and TV series takes place in the present day, weaving in contemporary politics – but would a straight origin story have been better?

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