Outlander Based on Books – Coming to Netflix

Interesting article. Netflix has picked up the first two seasons.  Diana is working on another book. This article was published in Oprah Magazine on May 15. Follow link to read.

Gabaldon is currently working on the series’ ninth book titled Go Tell the Bees I’m Gone.

Source: Outlander Based on Books by Diana Gabaldon – Outlander Books in Order

Outlander Continues…(insert snore)

Oh, dear heaven above!  I thought it was just me.  There are times I am picky, moody, and downright cranky at my age.  However, the last few episodes of Outlander have not held my attention.

After looking inwardly to see if some hormonal imbalance had affected my judgment, I visited the Period Drama Appreciation group on Facebook.  Alas, lass, I’m not alone!  It’s filled with complaints such as slow, dragging, boring story, not my favorite book, the excitement is gone, it’s disappointing, and just plain boring since the reunion at the print shop.

It appears the hot and sexy duo of Claire and Jaimie are bewitched by new writers and Ronald Moore not being involved as much as in the earlier seasons.  Perhaps Jamaica will heat things up a bit because even the latest romp in the ship’s cabin was a quicky.

Okay, I feel justified in my thoughts in spite of thinking I was watching a few stolen scenes from Master and Commander (2003 Movie with Russel Crowe). The lack of wind, the growing discontent of the crew, and the focus upon one person as a scapegoat was a bit too close not to be noticed.  Thought that a bit strange.

Back to Poldark this Sunday, and don’t get me started on evil George Warleggan or that stubborn Ross Poldark!  They both need a good slap.


Complete List of 2016 Emmy Nominees – LA Times

The 2016 Emmy Award nominees were announced this morning by Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham. The award ceremony will be held on Sunday, Sept. 18, at the Microsoft Theater, and will air live on ABC, with Jimmy Kimmel acting as host.

Source: Complete list of 2016 Emmy nominees – LA Times

NOTE:  Interesting that none of the Outlander stars were nominated, though they did get nominated as a show for costume design and production design.  I would have thought that Tobias Menzies deserved a nomination for his dastardly portrayal of Jack Randall.

Outlander: Season 3 Renewal and Season 4 Pickup Announced | Variety

Okay, all you time-traveling lasses.  Your fix continues.

Outlander has been renewed for Season 3 and Season 4 by Starz. The renewal covers Diana Gabaldon’s third and fourth books, Voyager and Drums of Autumn

Source: Outlander: Season 3 Renewal and Season 4 Pickup Announced | Variety

Outlander Season 2, Ep. 205 (Untimely Resurrection)

Well, I remembered to tune in at nine p.m. last night, even though by Friday night at nine I’m feeling like a Zombie from a week’s work.  Nevertheless, for the sake of staying on top of the latest episode my Starz subscription Amazon gives me, I tuned in to watch the continuing Outlander saga.

I must admit that I waffle between bored and interested most of the time.  Frankly, I think because Season 1 (or at least what I watched) kept my interest by the premise of time travel and Claire’s journey back into the past.  However, I’m still struggling to keep my attention during this French portion, except for a few parts that poke at me to concentrate.  Episode 205 and the “Untimely Resurrection” of Jack Randall turned out to be a rather intriguing, if not entertaining, scene.

The earlier part of the episode deals with Mary Hawkins’ aftermath of rape, and Claire’s bid to try and convince the younger Mr. Randall not to marry the disgraced woman.  After all, Claire is now on a bid to make sure that Frank gets born.  It’s quite a conundrum because she loves Jamie, of course, but cannot bring herself to change the future enough to have never loved or married Frank.  What’s a time-traveler to do?

As the episode progresses and Claire and Jamie attend a horse-fair of sorts at Versailles, while Jamie is off checking the teeth of mares and studs, she takes a stroll with Annalise de Marillac.  If you remember, that is the young lady who knew Jamie before Claire.  It’s obvious by her remarks of how much Jamie has changed that she’s not too keen on Claire’s influence in his life.

Then it happens.  Off in the distance, dressed in his British red uniform, comes Black Jack Randall strolling toward her in all his glory.  Naturally, Claire’s jaw sets for the next fifteen minutes in the scene, while Randall enjoys the reunion immensely.  Once again, as much as I hate the freaking sadistic character, Tobias Menzies pulls off an excellent performance.  Unfortunately, Catriona‘s set jaw and words that were spoken through her clenched teeth fall short in comparison.

When the King arrives with his entourage, a rather amusing scene of the French degrading the English occur, while poor Randall endures the humiliation and insults. Better to bend one knee than to lose one’s head.

And then Jamie arrives upon the scene.  Both men place their hands on the hilt of their swords but restrain from carrying out a bloodbath in front of the King and Claire. After the French depart, Jamie challenges Randall to a duel.  Of course, if you didn’t know, dueling was illegal in France at the time.  I know because I researched it for one of my books.  However, duels still occurred in secluded places where one could draw first blood and be declared a winner or one could duel until death. (Extra notes below.)

When Claire learns of it, she becomes unhinged. Jamie cannot kill Randal or Frank won’t live!  Will she convince the young Scot to keep his sword sheathed or will Jamie draw it anyway to get his revenge?  You’ll just have to watch the episode and find out.  If you read the book, I’m assuming you already know.  “You have a choice! Him or me!”

Maybe I should take French lessons.  I might enjoy it better than reading the sub-titles.

The Duel

Of course, there are rules to the game, even if the game was illegal during this period. Nevertheless, duels continued, and not many were prosecuted over the act. If a man wanted to regain his honor from the offender, the first course of action would be the challenge or what is terms as, “throwing down the gauntlet.”

Once accepted, the location and weapons were chosen. Each man brought a representative to witness the act. The challenger set the rules as to location, weapons, and number of steps to pace off. It was his call. I noted, however, in this episode that Randall had the choice.  What I have read, that is not the case unless Starz took some creative liberty.

The type of duel could either be any of the following: (1) to first blood, which meant until one was wounded, (2) until severely wounded and unable to continue, or (3) to the death. Each pistol had one shot, and if there were misses the first round, the guns were reloaded and they would continue until one of the above conditions were fulfilled but usually no more than three reloads.

To learn more, visit Wikipedia.