The Extended Outlander Finale Is Going Back to the Future to Reveal the Past |


Okay, you lasses out there.  Here is a sneak peek at the end of the season. I’ve decided to forgo writing any more reviews on each episode for now.  Unfortunately, I waffle between intrigue, interest, and boredom.  On my down days, I prefer not to rile the masses with my less than enthusiastic comments.

We all differ on entertainment tastes, which is a good thing actually. Whatever floats your remote is fine with me, and I’m respectful of the fandom following that loves Outlander.  So here is the scoop on the upcoming season finale at the link below.

“Outlander’s finale will introduce two new characters.”

Source: The Extended Outlander Finale Is Going Back to the Future to Reveal the Past |

Outlander Season 2, Ep. 204 (Le Dame Blanche)

OutlanderS2Starz_Flyout_us_519x545._CB294524208_I’m going to pass on writing anything significant regarding this episode for a variety of reasons.  Another relatively move-it-along episode that can be summed up with bullet points below in no particular order:

  • Claire finally tells Jamie that Randall is alive.
  • Jamie seems happy about it because he can finally kill the bastard himself.
  • Jamie and Claire have an argument because of activities at the brothel and bite marks on his body. Finally, he’s ready to do it after experiencing a bit of temptation elsewhere.  You’ll get to see his naked behind again and Claire’s breast being sucked. (Starz, oh, Starz, my biggest complaint, too much flesh.)
  • More drinking on Claire’s behalf while pregnant.
  • The evil Comte apparently slipped something in her drink to make her sick.
  • Claire and Jamie throw a dinner party to derail investors in Prince Charles’ war efforts.
  • As usual, Claire is a magnet again for trouble when she decides to do something on her own, which ends up in assault and rape of Mary Hawkins.
  • The dinner party ends up in a brawl.
  • Next week – “It’s either him or me!” Claire knows if Jamie kills Randall, Frank will not exist.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the scene of throwing bones on a Zebra skin reading her future.  She’s told that she will see Frank again, but obviously is hugely disappointed over that revelation.

Until next week!  Oh, and I forget to watch it Friday night when it was posted.  Me bad.