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The Brokenwood Mysteries (Acorn TV 2014-15)

Brokenwood4 Kernels

Coming from way down under (think New Zealand) is a rather interesting crime show with a little country music to entertain.  Love the NZ accents! Seeing that I actually have distant cousins in New Zealand (thanks to my 2nd great Uncle Henry who left England in 1860 and sailed to the other new world), I’m enjoying the show and scenery. Apparently, it’s filmed near Auckland.

Rather than the usual DI with deep emotional problems, we have a semi-entertaining character, Mike Shepherd (played by Neill Rea).  He’s had four wives, loves country music, looks a bit scruffy in his clothes, could use a good shave and haircut, and drives a classic junker.  Every time he’s in the car cruising down the highway (on the wrong side of the road to us U.S. folks), he has an old cassette in the dash, playing a country song. The show pretty much uses all country tunes as its backdrop music.

His partner in crime, Detective Kristin Sims, is played by Fern Sutherland. She carries the gun, gives a good chase after runaway suspects, and banters with Mike adding to the entertainment.  They make a good team, and I’m enjoying a more lighthearted atmosphere after having left the grim Hinterland that ticked me off after the season finale.  (I still have visions of that damn burning trailer.)

Brokenwood is a fictional location, small town, and everyone knows everyone.  Reminds me of Midsomer Murders.  Actually, you wonder after all the killing how in the world the population keeps steady. Of course, in this New Zealand version, there are no bushes being parted in the dead of night by gloved hands or peacocks screaming in the background.

As far as the mysteries, actually they are a fairly good mixture of who-done-it.  Deaths scenes are not quite as bloody and gross and some shows — thank goodness.  My guessing of the culprit has been off a few times, but as good detective shows go, they always get their killer in the end.

If you’re looking for another binge watch, you might enjoy this.  It’s not as binge-prone as most shows because I can still wait to see the next episode at my leisure.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that about a lot of others that drive me to post-traumatic series disorder (or whatever that make-believe mental disease I came up with a few posts back).

So mate, enjoy the country music and get on with it!

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