Our Souls at Night (Netflix 2017)

Our-Souls-at-Night-20171 Kernel

Well, this is a first.  One kernel.  One lonely little kernel.  The first I’ve thrown at a movie or television series. This is probably the most boring movie I have ever watched, and since I’m 68, you would think that a love story about two lonely elderly people would perk me up rather than put me to sleep.

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda were once a dynamic duo in Barefoot in the Park, which was a movie I loved dearly over the years.  If you’ve never seen it, you must watch it.  The two have played together in many other movies, however, this one just puts both of them out to pasture in the most boring and uninteresting tale.  I literally had to walk away from it and then go back later to finish the movie.

Forgive me, Robert.  Forgive me, Jane.  And Matthias Schoenaerts, what are you doing wasting your talent on this slow-moving snail of a tale?

Perhaps all the interest in the release has been the reunion of these life-long friends on screen again.  A fairly good-looking old woman lands on the doorstep of a fairly good-looking old man and suggests he sleep with her.  But we don’t mean sex here – we mean sleep.  She wants a body next to her in bed, and after considering the offer, Louis Waters agrees to Addie Moore’s suggestion. and climbs in between the sheets.  Yawn.

The story turns into a bedtime tale of two people who begin to talk about the weather and end the movie talking about the weather.  In between the nights together, the town gossips, friends die, a grandson is weaved into the story, and along with their respective daughter and son.  Eventually, a romance of sorts ensues, and Lewis thinks he remembers how to do it.  Unfortunately, I hit the fast-forward button on this sleepy tale more than once.  Jane’s hair looks like a poorly made grey wig, while Robert walks around like an old bow-legged man.  Oh, and let’s throw in a broken hip just to make it exciting.

Forgive me for my harshness.  You may love it.  You may yawn.  You may throw one popcorn kernel at the screen.  As for me, I would have walked out but I had nowhere to go since I was already home.

Grace & Frankie (Season 2) Watch List


Slightly irreverent but fantastically funny for the older generation, Season 2 is on its way May 2016, and I’ll be binge watching.

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