Debris Canceled After 1 Season At NBC

NBC has canceled Debris after just 13 episodes.  Total bummer!  It’s been some time since a SciFi show caught my eye and made me stay up until 11 p.m. on a Monday night, but Debris managed to do that.  A story revolving around debris from an alien spaceship falling to earth with powers that we earthlings don’t understand, but governments are scurrying around the world to grab for themselves for either good or evil.  Darn old NBC has left us with cliffhangers to deal with and no solid answers to the mysteries.  I hate that when it happens!  Another television show crashes and burns, much like the alien ship.  Frankly, since I think Manifest has gone off the rails into the ridiculous, they could have dumped that one instead.

Source: Debris Canceled After 1 Season At NBC