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Allied (Movie 2016)

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I decided to go to the show late Wednesday to see Allied, staring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, before my Thanksgiving turns into a day of cooking. It is well acted, emotional, but a bit slow out of the gate.  Well, really most of it is slow.

Advertised a World War II romantic thriller, it is about the story of two operatives – Max Vatan and Marianne Beausejour – on a mission behind enemy lines in Casablanca. They meet, play a ruse as husband and wife, attend a party, and assassinate an official and other Nazi’s at a gathering.

Before the mission and afterward, they fall in love. He returns to London to continue his duties as part of the Canadian RAF, she gets clearance to join him later, and they marry.

Initially, the movie focuses heavily upon their budding romance, marriage, and having their first child together.  It’s mushy, it’s dull, but if you’ve watched the trailer, you know what’s coming. French is often spoken in the earlier scenes, so you’re going to have to pay attention to read the translations.

Now that they are living happily ever after, the worse imaginable thing happens. Max is approached by his superiors and told they think she is a German spy, which he immediately dismisses.  However, they give him no choice but to set a trap and see if she takes the bait, which will prove if their assumption is correct. If it is, Max is to shoot her or he will be hanged for treason.

It’s after this point in the movie that the thrill begins when Max returns home and tries to act normal. The woman he’s worshiped for the past few years is now shrouded in suspicion, and it’s difficult to hide his agony.  Told by his superiors to let their test run the course, he disobeys orders and does everything in his power to prove that Marianne is who she purports to be.  They try to make it thrilling, his adventures that is, but it doesn’t quite take you to any nail biting scenes.

Is she a spy?  Well, gee, if I told you that, you’d never see the movie to find out for yourself.  I will say that it’s an emotional story, well acted, and shocking at the conclusion.  If you’re looking for a war movie with lots of spies shooting Nazis, this is not for you. If you’re looking for a movie about characters who fall in love under stressful circumstances that may end up in a betrayal that could break your heart, go see the flick.

Not an Oscar winner by any means, but Brad Pitt does a stellar job of acting in this particular movie that may make you grab for a tissue at the end. However, my opinion may be my own, because other reviews think he’s a bore in the movie and there is no chemistry with his leading lady.  Well, if you go see it, you can be the judge.

Good acting or not, Brad still has that good-looking male factor that gives the ladies in the audience a bit of eye candy this holiday season.  Oh, and you get to see his partially naked rear-end, although the sexual scenes are very tame.

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