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The Age of Adaline (Movie 2015)

3 Kernels

Stars:  Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, William Jones, and  Ellen Burstyn

Last weekend I went and saw The Age of Adaline.  It’s a story about a young woman who dies in a car accident in the early 20th century and by some miracle comes back to life never to age a day again.  It’s just what every woman wants — no more face lifts, no more Botox, no more $100 jars of face cream to get rid of those wrinkles.  You never age but the world around you does generation after generation.

How did this miracle happen? Well, some narrator tells you all about it, inferring that by 2030 we will have discovered the secret ourselves.  The voice, at least to me, bordered on a little annoying, but I dealt with it once again at the end when another tragedy (SPOIL ALERT) reverses her condition and finally she gets a gray hair.

As the movie progresses, the audience gets a glimpse of her life and loves that she has left behind. She has a daughter, who aged (looks like her grandmother) and apparently didn’t receive her mother’s gift of the no-aging gene.  It’s a bit odd, but hey, it’s the movies.

Adaline has been running most of her life, afraid that if anyone found out her secret, she would end up as a lab rat. Instead, she changes her identity and moves from here to there.  Then she falls in love with a young man who turns out to be someone special.  The spoiler on that one, I’ll leave unsaid until you see the movie.

Blake Lively plays Adaline as a very soft-spoken and quiet woman, who never seems to have any exciting burst of emotion throughout the entire film. The story challenges you to believe the unbelievable. I really can’t say that I was moved one way or the other about this film. Perhaps because at my age the realty of growing older is just the way of life. If we never aged or died, the world wouldn’t renew from generation to generation.

However, if we could continue to look like we were thirty for the next 85 years of our lives and die anyway of old age, I could handle that scenario.  Maybe by 2030 they will figure it out.

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