Outlander Based on Books – Coming to Netflix

Interesting article. Netflix has picked up the first two seasons.  Diana is working on another book. This article was published in Oprah Magazine on May 15. Follow link to read.

Gabaldon is currently working on the series’ ninth book titled Go Tell the Bees I’m Gone.

Source: Outlander Based on Books by Diana Gabaldon – Outlander Books in Order

Outlander – Season 4 (A. Malcom)

outlander-season-3-poster-bigLast evening at 9 p.m. PST, I tuned into Starz on my Amazon account to watch the highly anticipated reunion of Claire and Jaimie.  What I had hoped to be an emotional reunion of two lovers turned out to be a sex feast of epic proportions. Prepare yourself for plenty of breasts, rear-ends, low front shots, and sexual positions attempting to turn up the heat in Edinburgh.

Was I impressed?  Was I moved?  No, I was bored stiff.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

True to its former episodes, the producers have done their utmost to keep with the graphic sensation this series has brought from sex to torture.  Hey, I know what goes on in the bedroom, but does the intimate reunion of these two star-crossed lovers need to take fifteen minutes to undress one another?  Do we need to stare into each other’s eyes for sixty plus seconds?  Do I really need to see two people grunt and grind in moaning ecstasy?

Once again, having not read the books (shame on me), I suppose I anticipated too much from Claire’s return. Frankly, I had enjoyed Season 4 quite a bit until now. Besides Jamie fainting, the reunion left many unanswered questions, except to answer what is a zipper, what are photographs, what’s a bikini?  The emotional aspect that could have been was spread as thin as the coverings on their bodies.  Frankly, I felt cheated.

I have read that the producers have taken liberty with the book version to tweak it here and there.  Whatever possessed them to make this entire extended episode filled with grunting, kissing, and head-butting is beyond me.  Come on, guys!  You’ve left me emotionally starved though given millions of women an organismic moment with Jaime, who by the way is sick of being idolized as a sex object.  You’ve done the viewers and him no favors.

I’m done ranting.  I think I’ll go rewrite the scene for myself so I can have some closure. And, of course, we ended it with another possible rape scene–what else?

Thankfully, the fully clothed members of Poldark return this evening on PBS.

Outlander – Ep. 301 (The Battle Joined)

301**SPOILERS UNTIL IT AIRS** There are great advantages to having a subscription to Starz on Amazon. The main one is that episodes are posted online before viewing is available elsewhere.  I couldn’t sleep this morning and woke up wide awake at 3:15 a.m. Sat down at the computer with a cup of coffee and had a notice that Season 301 of Outlander was up and ready. Of course, I didn’t think about going back to bed. Instead, I hit “watch now.”

To be totally honest my interest in Outlander has come and gone. Not a huge fan of graphic violence and sadistic behavior, there have been times I’ve walked away from the series with no regrets.  There have been others where I’ve returned to see what’s next. After the end of the last season with the flash forward twenty years, my interest has piqued again.

Episode 301 returns the audience to the blood, violent, and gory outcome of the battle of Culloden in 1745. Claire has returned to the future, and Jamie has returned to fight. Be prepared to watch many of the characters you’ve seen in the show die a terrible death, except Jamie who is severely wounded and miraculously spared.  As an author, you have the power of life and death while writing. You can twist history and keep alive any character in order to continue the series book after book.

The show, as usual, flips back and forth from the past to present with rapidly changing scenes. In the present, Frank and pregnant Claire have moved to Boston and taken up residence. Claire is still in the past, refusing to allow Frank to touch her and retreats into a depressive shell.  When she has her daughter, things appear to mend for a brief moment as they recommit to one another to raising the child.  Let’s face it, Jamie lovers. Poor Frank has gotten the short end of the stick in Claire’s adventure. Regardless if he’s the spitting image of Black Jack, he’s a heartbroken man who has lost his wife to a ghost from the past. I cannot help but feel sorry for him.

The show begins to insert the reality of the times, too, where women were expected to be housewives at home and possess no opinions regarding the workplace or politics. As you know, Claire is far too outspoken to keep quiet and allow society’s norms to mold who she will become or how she should behave. It’s that part of her prickly and outspoken personality that occasionally rubs me the wrong way.

Nevertheless, lass, Outlander has returned. I’m hoping for less blood as the season continues, but once Claire starts cutting people up on the operating table, that will no doubt end.  And yes, your Jamie, wounded from battle lives on. I will give Sam a high-five for his performance on the battlefield and his moaning among a heap of bodies next to Black Jack.

If you can’t wait to watch each week, ditch your cable and sign up for Starz on Amazon. A link is off to the right.

The Extended Outlander Finale Is Going Back to the Future to Reveal the Past | TVGuide.com


Okay, you lasses out there.  Here is a sneak peek at the end of the season. I’ve decided to forgo writing any more reviews on each episode for now.  Unfortunately, I waffle between intrigue, interest, and boredom.  On my down days, I prefer not to rile the masses with my less than enthusiastic comments.

We all differ on entertainment tastes, which is a good thing actually. Whatever floats your remote is fine with me, and I’m respectful of the fandom following that loves Outlander.  So here is the scoop on the upcoming season finale at the link below.

“Outlander’s finale will introduce two new characters.”

Source: The Extended Outlander Finale Is Going Back to the Future to Reveal the Past | TVGuide.com

Outlander: The Frustrations and Joys Facing Claire and Jamie in Season 2 – IGN

Stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe discuss the conflicts facing their characters in Season 2.

Source: Outlander: The Frustrations and Joys Facing Claire and Jamie in Season 2 – IGN

For your reading enjoyment.  Will it keep the interest to those who haven’t read the books?  When the romance fizzles, sometimes the interest does as well.  On the other hand, fans who love the books will either be frustrated with the changes or happy to see their favorite story continued to be portrayed on screen.