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Source: Neill, Dern and Goldblum Return to Jurassic Franchise for “Jurassic World 3” | Amblin Press

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

JrassicW3 Kernels

This past weekend, and a few weeks late, I finally went to the theater to see the newest Jurassic World movie along with my son and five-year-old grandson.  He was a brave soul during dino chomping episodes.

I will say that I enjoyed it but something was missing. The last movie, in my opinion, was much better.  As my big toenail taps against the floor like Blue’s, attempting to figure out why, I’ve decided to blame it on one word — predictability.  The movie needed more teeth.

Instead of the plot thickening, the plotline stayed thin.  The bad guys were not out to save the dinos from another extinction event.  They were out to save their pocketbooks and line them with untold millions, selling off the dino livestock to evil dudes in black suits.  In the next war, rather than nukes, a horde of dinos will be unleashed on enemies.

Regardless of its shortfalls, the latest franchise version will take its place in the lineup of dino movies.  Our fascination with these creatures hasn’t ended.  Remember, we have new generations seeing them.  My son was eight the first time Jurassic Park came out.  His son sat next to him at the age of five and saw the dinos for the first time on the big screen.  No doubt, these roaring movies will continue like the ones that take us to the stars.  Apparently, some moviegoers want to travel the universe, while the rest of us want to return to the earth’s origins when these creatures roamed the planet.

Nevertheless, our favorite stars returned this time around — T-Rex and Blue. (Yeah, I know, Chris Pratt … insert swoon.) They are always the staple of Jurassic movies since the first time T-Rex and those raptors scared the crap out of us in 1993.  Who doesn’t love the roar of the T-Rex or the call-call-call of the raptors?  Blue has such lovely teeth too, while T-Rex has a big mouth.

Naturally, a new bad-dude dino has been cooked up in the test tube thanks to the mad scientist.  I will admit, this dino got on my nerves!  He was relentless, but thankfully Blue saved the day.  Oh, Blue, Blue. I love you too. Your dino teeth, your color, your chew.  (Gee, I didn’t know I was such a poet!)

The breaking news is mankind is not going to die from an asteroid, World War III, or some ghastly plague.  Instead, we’re all going to get eaten in the end.  If I had my choice, I guess T-Rex would make it a quick kill.  A raptor would probably just chew on me like an appetizer.

My hero…





Jurassic World (Movie 2015) Review

5 Kernels

Stars: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins

In 1993, I went with my son, who at that time was eight-years-old, to see Jurassic Park. It was a milestone in entertainment as we sat in the only theater in Portland to have the nifty new Dolby Digital sound, making the dinosaurs’ roars totally awesome.

The movie scared the bejeebers out of me. I spent most of the time during the T-Rex scene (after the “where’s the goat” question) underneath a jacket with my son afraid to watch the poor kids go through their ordeal. To be honest, none of the sequels matched the first one in scare factor—until now.

Watching Jurassic World was a scary ride that I will term “Raptor-luscious.” I jumped in my seat. Brought both hands to my head and held it in fright. Leaned hard into the seat while grabbing my armrests with both hands. (I guess I was trying to get out of the way.) Not much gets to me in the scare factor, but this one hit the nerve.

Okay, so here you are in the park! It’s open. It’s cool. The original dream has come alive. However, the DNA processing has progressed to scary levels. The park owners want the “wow” factor to increase, so the scientists tinker and make a brand new hybrid dinosaur. “Probably not a good idea.” Of course, it was a really, really bad idea. It doesn’t take long for containment to breech and all hell break loose. Of course, removing 20,000 visitors from the park is no easy feat.

Some reviews I’ve read complain about the lack of character development in the storyline. The character line-up includes the over-zealous park manager, the nifty Raptor trainer, a concerned investor, and a sleazy character who really needs to be eaten to shut him up. Every story needs an antagonist, and he’s no different. Then, as in the original, insert two kids that need to be rescued to keep your heart pounding, like it did in the first movie, by grabbing your sympathy for the two poor boys unable to defend themselves.

The characters are in place, and I will admit there are not a whole lot of lines or backstory to the characters that develop them in any way. However, the character focus in this movie is on the dinosaurs–the new hybrid and the Raptors. They are the true stars that will capture your attention either through roar or deed, leading to a very surprising twist you won’t see coming.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the movie in non-3D but am really tempted to get back to the show as soon as possible and have one of those beasts come after me in 3D. It’s a rush. The special effects are great, and the throaty sounds of the hybrid and the hissing of the Raptors are music to your ears.

So grab a bag of popcorn, a cold drink, and buckle up for flesh eating, crunching fun-filled time with splattering blood from victims. Don’t take it so seriously in movie land. A lot of people get eaten, true, but it’s no worse than the carnage I’ve seen lately in movies from humans killing humans.  At least with dinosaurs you can forgive them because they just want to eat. 

Owen: These animals are thinking: “I gotta eat.” “I gotta hunt.” “I gotta…”. You gotta be able to relate to at least one of those things.

Go have some fun.  It will take you back to 1993.  Really, it will, even in the story.