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Bomb Girls (Canadian TV Series 2012 – 2013)

Stars: Jodi Balfour, Charlotte Hegele

I was becoming a little discouraged on Netflix because lately I couldn’t find a new series that looked interesting.  Oh, I know there are a bunch out there that are more of the modern storyline (Dexter, House of Cards, and many others).  I can’t tell you the countless ones I’ve watched the pilot for the series and decided not to continue on. 
Just as I was about to flip over to Amazon Prime for something more interesting, I landed on Bomb Girls.  Well, wouldn’t you know it!  I’m back in the 1940’s, which is my mother’s generation, and watching an intriguing show about a group of women in Canada making munitions for the boys on the front.  The show starts pre-Pearl Harbor, so the US isn’t in the war just yet until the end of season one. 
The show is a mixture of characters from the rich girl, who feels her duty to help serve against her parents’ protests, and many others from various backgrounds.  Each girl has a bomb of a past, so to speak, from abusive over zealous preacher fathers to a woman who hides her sexuality with women.  There are affairs and other shenanigans going on, all of which makes the series interesting.  To add to the drama, building bombs wasn’t exactly a safe profession, and there are a few accidents to characters to make that point.
I’ve always been a sucker for WWII war stories, mainly because my own parents lived through that era.  My father shipped off two days after Pearl Harbor and didn’t come back home until four years later.  My mother went to work in a radio factory, which was filled with female workers.  She lived like many other women, dreading to hear about whether their husbands were coming home. To top it off, my brother was born two days before Pearl Harbor and didn’t meet his father until after the war.
I’ve just finished the first season (after watching it all weekend) and am about to start the second.  It’s a good series worth the watch and reminds us what others have sacrificed for our nations in the past to bring victory over tyranny.  Women manned the factories, played baseball games, and took up the jobs during the war that men were not around to fill.  Of course, I love the fashions of the day.  The hairstyles, padded shoulders, nylon stockings, slips, and the fact most everyone wore a nice dress to work before changing into their work clothes.  
Okay, I’m off to see the second season!  Bye! 

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