The Crown: What was the Suez Crisis and why did it bring down Prime Minister Anthony Eden?

Season 2 of The Crown is streaming on Netflix.  Of course, I didn’t waste much time watching the first episode.  Things are tense between Elizabeth and Philip, Princess Margaret is drinking too much, and Philip may be cavorting with a ballet dancer.  Of course, you’re going to be in for more historical insights if you weren’t alive in 1956, including the Suez Canal crisis.  Looking for the real scoop?  Radio Times hasn’t wasted any time clarifying it for you in this article.

The Suez Crisis of 1956 was a political disaster for Britain and for Prime Minister Anthony Eden as the joint invasion was met with international outcry – find out more about the events behind The Crown season 2

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Knightfall Is An Immersive Experience, Tom Cullen Says

I am SO looking forward to this series, having read historical accounts about the Knight Templars. Unfortunately, I don’t have extended cable or the History channel. If you are in the same boat, you can buy the season Amazon for $19.99. I’m definitely dropping a 20 bucks, which is usually two trips to Starbucks at work. You can stream HERE ON AMAZON.

Knightfall actor Tom Cullen describes the lengths to which the series goes in order to immerse the viewer in the medieval world.

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This is what Poldark Baddie Osborne Whitworth Usually Looks Like

His diet for the role was ice cream and beer. How tragic.

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Christopher Nolan Marshals Army of Extras as He Decreates Dunkirk Evacuation | Daily Mail 

Commanding an army of 1,500 extras and a plethora of machinery, including cranes and planes, the 45-year-old director certainly seemed to be pulling out all the stops for the epic World War II film.

Source: Christopher Nolan marshals army of extras as he recreates Dunkirk evacuation | Daily Mail Online