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Hotel Babylon (2006 – 2009 BBC)

Babylon3 Kernels

 Stars: Max Beesley, Anna Wilson-Jones, Dexter Fletcher, Martin Marquez, Amy Nuttall,
plus many others

Somewhere behind those cast of characters is a revolving door.  If you get used to the fact that door revolves through the four seasons with cast members coming and going, you’ll be able to handle Hotel Babylon.  Just don’t get too attached, because only a few remain until the end. Currently streaming on Netflix, it’s a show that will be an eye opening experience into the classy five-star hotels you’ve always wondered about but couldn’t afford.

You will meet the hard-core managers, the head concierge, the head barman, the food and beverage manager, the head receptionist, and the head housekeeper.  All the characters have their own back stories ranging from former inmates to illegal aliens. It’s a soap opera of hotel staff, not to mention the odd and sometimes interesting hotel guests that come through the front doors.  Each episode focuses upon someone special staying at the five-star hotel, who are either a welcome return or a difficult guest.

Unfortunately, you’ll find yourself getting involved with characters, only to have them leave the show throughout the season and new ones coming in to take their place.  Each time that happens, just like new management, the show takes on a different flavor.  It changes and evolves, which I found sometimes difficult to deal with as the series continued.

My most favorite character was Dexter Fletcher, who plays Tony Casemore, the head concierge.  There’s something endearing about him that captures your fancy, and thankfully he makes it through the entire four seasons. I also enjoyed Max Beesley, who plays Charlie Edwards the upcoming assistant manager, who will capture a soft spot in your heart with his happily-ending love affair with one of the staff.

If you don’t mind the ever changing storyline of Hotel Babylon, you might enjoy an interesting peak into the management of a five-star hotel who struggles to stay on top in London.

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