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Life in Flight (Movie 2008)

Starring:  Patrick Wilson, Amy Smart, Lynn Collins
Okay, I’m giving this movie three kernels, however, it really deserves to have that third kernel bitten in half.  Currently streaming on Netflix, it has absolutely nothing to do with flying – unless the title is an analogy of flying around in circles not knowing where to land. So to help you put the title into some sense of content, I’m making many analogies for you!
Enter handsome and dreamy Patrick Wilson (sigh) playing Will, a successful New York architect.  He’s married to a rather domineering woman by the name of Catherine.  Their marriage is a dull co-existence of two unconnected people flying in different directions.
It is apparent that Will goes through life playing his part as a busy architect, who is well respected and sought after by a large prestigious firm.  In fact, he’s about to sell his company and merge with them, which couldn’t make his prissy wife more happy in life. 
His wife, on the other hand, reminds me of one of my characters I created in a book. Haughty, self-absorbed, controlling, and craving for the best things in life – money and recognition.  Whether she loves Will or not is questionable.  I think he is her ticket to the big life and nothing more, which is quite evident when Will suddenly turns the plane around and decides not to sell his business.  It’s definitely a soaring marital crash with no survivors, as far as she is concerned, because suddenly she’s lost control of the pilot.
Along the way enters Kate.  Cute Kate.  Perky Kate.  Sweet Kate.  She meets Will alone at a dinner party and has no clue he is married, and he doesn’t tell her either.  They chit-chat, mildly flirt, and she falls hard for him until she discovers he’s on board with another women.  She is so hurt that she decides to flee on the next flight to L.A.
So what is the purpose of this convoluted story?  If anything, I would say it’s a moment of self-realization for one man.  Through his dealings with Kate, he apparently discovers that he’s boarded the wrong plane in life.  His wife isn’t the right women.  His career choice was taking the wrong flight path.  It was time to make a decision and turn his flight around in a different course.  In the end he makes that decision, but don’t expect a super happy ending of where he’s going from here on out.  Apparently, the writer isn’t going to tell us if he and Kate makes it to the next port of being in love, or if he eventually crashes and burns.
I took away two things from this movie.  One, we do often fly through life not realizing how unhappy we are underneath because of all the busyness that consumes are lives.  When we finally do, it can be a difficult and painful moment, which will take all the courage we have to change directions.
Second, Patrick Wilson is a freaking doll.  Bad movie or not, I enjoyed listening to his smooth-toned voice and looking at it handsome face.  (He does sing you know – think Broadway stage and Phantom of the Opera movie). 
Hey, it was worth an hour and half to watch him on screen, but only two and half kernels regarding movie quality.  Just don’t expect much else.

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