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Delicious (Acorn TV 2016-17)

delcious Season 1 – 3 Stars

Season 2 – 1 Star

Meet the dysfunctional family whose central character Leo played by Iain Glen. He is having an affair with his first wife, Gina, played by Dawn French. Twenty years earlier, he left her for a younger woman named Sam, played by Emilia Fox. At one time he and Gina owned a hotel, were both celebrated chefs.  He now runs that hotel with Sam.

Leo makes a mess of his life when his current wife discovers he’s shagging his first wife on the side.  When he finally decides to ask for forgiveness and confess his love to his second wife, he ups and dies by accidentally taking too much heart medication.  He leaves behind a bankrupt estate, debts, children that no one knows about, and a convoluted mess of relationships.  If that weren’t bad enough, Gina, his first wife has been holding onto a secret of her own that her mentally disturbed daughter, Teresa, is unaware exists.

The tale waffles between the odd and often strained relationship of Gina and Sam who attempted to keep the hotel afloat after Leo’s passing. They have their own secret buried in the backyard that will eventually come to haunt them. Joe and Sam have an 18-year-old son named Michael who has a nearly incestuous relationship with his supposed half-sister. It’s another storyline that plays out to a surprising conclusion.  Among the two seasons an old lover returns, Gina’s father shows up who she hates, the police are investigating money laundering, and another secret in the closet that Leo has held quiet for twenty years emerges.

Season one was mildly entertaining in the fact that dead Leo narrates the story and occasionally appears to his daughter and Gina.  However, when season two rolls around, the storyline crashes into the ridiculous, making me wonder what hallucinations the writer entertained  The ending makes absolutely no sense, and if it were a book, I probably would have thrown it against the wall.  Just when things are all coming together for the good of everyone involved, Gina goes off the deep end with no rational reason for her behavior whatsoever. By the end, her character and the audience’s relationship with her turns from tolerable to absolute hatred.

If you’re curious, give it a watch only if nonsensical endings do not get the best of you.

Striking Out (Acorn TV)

4 Kernels

Striking Out is a series available on Acorn TV.  It’s an Irish legal drama broadcast on RTE Television. It’s based on a variety of legal professionals (solicitors and barristers) and their professional and personal lives in Dublin. The show focuses on Tara Rafferty.  Poor Tara walks in on her fiance, Eric Dunbar, shagging another colleague. Brokenhearted she breaks the engagement, while Eric kicks himself through two seasons for having lost the best thing in his life.

Among the storyline you are immersed in Tara’s cases, but also a larger sideline plot of corruption being investigated that involves her former law firm and all sorts of hidden secrets.  Tara works alongside her mentor, Senior Counsel Vincent Pike, to uncover the dirty coverup. There isn’t a whole lot of internal courtroom drama, so you won’t have to sit through hours of testimony on cases.

Season one kept my interest, but season two really sucked me into the dark side of the hidden dealings of Eric’s father and newly formed love interests between the cast members. Trust is a huge issue, and the audience has no idea who to trust in this convulted storyline. Now I’m stuck waiting in limbo for season three!  It better be back.

Below is an article on season two but beware the spoilers.

This is a good series to watch, and here’s hoping it continues to some type of conclusion in the future with the bad guys getting their due and love for Tara finally realized.


Source: Striking Out season finale delivers ‘line of the year’ and leaves viewers on a cliffhanger

Off the Grid

I’m usually more active tossing around popcorn kernels on my blog, but I’m the middle of editing my newest book, Lady Grace.  It’s sucking the life out of me, giving me dreams, and making me cry.  Here’s hoping nobody throws it against the wall when they read it.

In any event, when I’m focused on writing, my television addiction slows to a crawl and reviews may not be forthcoming.  At the present time, I’m watching Lochness on Acorn TV, but each episode is released weekly.  Sadly, I’ll have to wait to find out who is pulling out hearts and brains after they kill people.  It’s a monster at Lochness but not the sea creature type.

In the meantime, there are plenty of old reviews to read.  Happy binge watching, my friends.


Midsomer Murders Retires Sykes

Midsomer Murders waved farewell to a much loved veteran star of the show when Sykes, Barnaby’s beloved pet dog, hung up his lead and retired from the show at the end of the last series.

Source: Midsomer Murders says farewell as Sykes retires

I didn’t know that beloved Sykes had gone into retirement until I tuned into Season 18 of Midsomer Murders on Acorn TV. To my horror, the dog is now buried in Barnaby’s backyard! I wanted to weep and quickly Googled to make sure Sykes (that cutie) was still alive and hadn’t actually crossed the Rainbow Bridge into doggy heaven. The talented pooch has gone into retirement. I, on the other hand, will be working well into my old age even in doggy years.

The furry friend has been replaced by a new dog in town named Paddy. In addition, a new Sergeant has arrived at DCI Barnaby’s side. Oh, the joys of parting bushes in the dark of night where lurking killers wait for their victims! I’m back to devouring British crime.

Apparently, Season 19 has been in the works. It’s a never ending village of gruesome deaths where residents quickly repopulate the quaint villages, replacing the deceased. It’s a wonder anyone is left.

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