Emily in Paris (Netflix 2020)

4 Parisian Stars

Emily in Paris is a delightful series on Netflix consisting of ten episodes in the first season. I’ve never really cared to visit Paris, since it’s always my English roots calling my DNA. Nevertheless, Emily in Paris makes the city delightfully intriguing, romantic, and beautiful. Unfortunately, from what I read online, the French are not too happy with how they are being stereotyped in this less than acceptable portrayal of their culture. Even the English newspapers are calling it “excruciating” (read more here and read more here) and filled with clichés.

Since I cannot speak French, except to count to six, and barely can recognize a few printed words, I’m happy to say there are captions for us who didn’t pay attention in our French high school class. There are only a few occasions, since the series in in English.

The story revolves around Emily, a young and ambitious cute young lady from Chicago who goes to France for her job to give an advertising agency an American perspective. She is very in tune with social media, and arrives with ideas of how to bring their customers into a world they really don’t care about being part of. After all, the company represents brands of class for the rich, and what do they care about social media? Everyone in the office oozes sophistication, while Emily’s wardrobe is far too wild to be taken seriously.

Emily is immediately enthralled with Paris but also a bit confused as to the language, people, and culture. French people are mean. Everyone seems to exploit women in advertising, and sex is on their mind twenty-four/seven. Men have mistresses, and the language of love is far different than what she is used to from the United States. Nevertheless, the food is yummy, the male population flirtatious and good looking, and the city beautiful. She opens an Instagram account naming it “Emily in Paris” and posts pictures of her adventures, eventually becoming an influencer in her own right using her social media followers.

Of course, there is romance, a few sexual encounters (with not too much skin but a lot of moaning and humping), a definite lack of morality with all the players, wrapped up in a cute and delightful storyline that kept me binging six episodes before I finished off the last four the second day.

I am sorry that the series has offended the French on more than one level, but I’ll admit I’m one of those ignorant “hick” Americans who do not know very much about France or its culture, except the revolution, Marie Antoinette losing her head, and Napoleon causing problems for the English. If the city is really as beautiful and delightful as portrayed, I might visit some day.

If you’re looking for a young-at-heart series, no drama (except when the French insist that American romance happily ever after endings are for the birds and it’s not life), you may like this series. I’m looking forward to a second season and Emily’s adventures and love life coming to fruition.

I almost feel as if I need to apologize to any French people reading this review for my ignorance of your culture and my liking of this series. It’s nothing personal. If it makes you feel any better, I wrote my first book set in France in 1870. Of course, that hasn’t received very good reviews either having been trolled relentlessly because of the subject matter. I did, however, find researching the era fascinating.

Au revoir. 

Flesh & Blood (Masterpiece 2020)

3 Kernels

Welcome to Flesh & Blood. An ITV British series now showing on Masterpiece. Beware. It’s another series with no promise of season two as of writing this review, that brings another cliffhanging ending that causes your mouth to gape open and utter, “what the heck.”

One of the perks of donating to PBS, is Passport. I don’t have to show up every Sunday evening to watch new shows. I can binge.

Meet the family. A widowed mother and three siblings all living secret lives of screwed-up dysfunctional existences. Oh, and then there is the neighbor. We cannot forget Marry Bennet living next door, who is quite the character as the episodes continue.

The story is not unlike a recent one GoldDigger, which I apparently watched and was too lazy to write about. Here’s a link to the Guardian about the series. Slightly different, Flesh & Blood focuses upon a seventy-year old woman finding love eighteen months after her husband dies, while GoldDigger focuses upon an sixty-plus woman finding love after divorce with a younger man. In both instances, the grown children are not too keen on the idea and dig into the pasts of these men, looking for dirt to change their mother’s mind.

Flesh & Blood follows the same trail, but focuses upon each of the grown children as well. One daughter, with marriage problems, is deep into her career, stirring up problems for herself. The other is in a five-year long relationship with her married boss going no where. Then there is the son, separated from his wife because he gambles and spends his time prostituting himself out to make money. When their mother falls in love with Mark, played by Stephen Rea, they don’t like it. They are suspicious of his motives, and the story does lead you down the trail, questioning whether he’s a good or bad bloke.

Of great interest in the story is Mary Bennett, the neighbor, played by Imelda Staunton. A sweet old lady, for the most part (wink, wink) that has her own issues of wanting to keep her neighbor around. She is part of the entertainment factor if nothing else.

It’s an okay series for what it is. Nothing special, frankly. An overused trope lately rehashed elsewhere. Nonetheless, it will fill your Sunday night and leave you wondering if there will be a season two.

The Spanish Princess Continues to Lavishly Detail a Doomed Romance in Part 2

Time to renew my Starz subscription.

This continuation shines when it comes to courtly intrigue, and never loses focus on its warrior queen even as the whims of Henry VIII start to become overwhelming.

Source: The Spanish Princess Continues to Lavishly Detail a Doomed Romance in Part 2

Enola Holmes (Netflix 2020 Movie)

4 Fun Kernels

Streaming on Netflix is an entertaining period movie – Enola Holmes. It runs 123 minutes, so get your popcorn and enjoy.

Enola is the daughter Eudoria Holmes, the mother of the infamous Sherlock Holmes. By the time she turns sixteen, her older two brothers are long gone from the household and her father has been dead for many years. Her mother, played by Helena Bonham Carter is not your usual English lady. She has a mind of her own, secrets aplenty, and has given her daughter a very unconventional upbringing.

Enola wakes one morning to find her mother missing, and contacts her two brothers who show up. The elder brother Mycroft is the ward of his little sister and aghast that she is so unlady like. He plans to quickly send her off to finishing school. Sherlock on the other hand is like a dog with a bone, sniffing about the house looking for clues to their missing mother. Before her older brother has the chance to send her off, Enola sneaks out of the house dressed like a boy and vanishes as well. Her intent is to find her mother.

Her travels take Enola to London where she meets a young man along the way on the train who is a Viscount, escaping from his own home life. They soon discover that someone is out to kill him, and as they say, the game is afoot. Enola, of course, has left to find her mother, following clues Enola deciphered. They form a quick friendship but eventually part ways, yet their stories run along side one another.

The tale is told from Enola’s point of view, and this is one of those quirky productions where she’s talking right into the camera telling the audience her thoughts and what’s going on. The can either make or break a movie, and frankly it totally makes this very quirky and overly entertaining tale. It’s filled with mystery, coming of age young love, and enough danger to keep you on the edge of your seat. There are a few violent scenes that you may find disturbing, but be assured truth and goodness wins in the end.

Henry Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes, and Millie Bobby Brown who plays Enola is delightful. Sam Claflin is Mycroft Holmes, the elder brother, who is unlikeable.

With a great twist at the end, you will enjoy this movie. I do hope they make more of her adventures as a young detective who is just as good as her elder brother. I would definitely watch again.

Outlander season 6 – Everything you need to know! (From Digital Spy)

I’ll be honest. I did not watch Season 4 or 5, having lost interest. However, I know there are a number of fans out there that are hooked. So here’s the latest I can find below from Digital Spy. In another article, as of early September, they haven’t yet started filming due to delays with Covid19.  If that’s the case, I’d be surprised if it comes out in February 2021.

Here’s everything you need to know about Outlander season 6, including the release date, cast, plot and more. Season five premiered in February of 2020, which means that the ‘Droughtlander’ for season six will last until 2021 at the very earliest.

Source: Outlander season 6 – Everything you need to know