Wild Bill (Britbox Original 2020)

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UPDATE:  I guess it failed to impressed others as well.  It’s canceled after one season.  Read Here

Okay, there is a new crime show on Britbox entitled Wild Bill, starring our own American actor, Rob Lowe.  It premiered on August 4th, with episodes being released weekly.  The story revolves around a widowed police officer, fired from his job in Miami, and moving to England to lead a small police force, bringing in new high-tech ways.  How he landed the job is beyond me, nevertheless he’s the new cop on the block in his spiffy commander uniform. His new team already makes fun of him before he arrives and a few officers carry grudges against him from the onset. One particular young lady who does investigations is a delight. The others on the force are lacking character.

To add to the personalization of the story, his fourteen-year-old daughter is along for the ride.  Wild Bill is wild and does things not quite legally correct. He is acclimating himself to life in Britain. His daughter, on the other hand, deals with the depression over the loss of their mother and adjusting to school life, getting kicked out for unruly behavior early in the series, and ending up elsewhere.  I’m not too enthralled with her story either as it’s an old worn-out trope.

I have to honestly say I’m not too impressed with this series.  It is mildly entertaining in spots when it comes to the differences between Yanks and Brits.  One particular scene about the police never using their guns is amusing, while we in the wild west shoot suspects left and right.  The crime mysteries are not that engaging either, and I’m sorry to say I’m not quite sure why this show is flat overall.  Oh, wait, I do know why!  Read my review next review and you’ll understand the differences.

Mr. and Mrs. Murder (2013)

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Now streaming on Acorn Television or via Amazon Prime is Mr. and Mrs. Murder. Season 1 consists of thirteen episodes. It focuses on a married couple who own an industrial cleaning business. They are often called to the scene of the crime to clean up the mess of blood and whatever remains. Since they arrive after the removal of the body and the forensic team doing their thing, you’re not exposed too long to the gore.

Charles and Nicola Buchanan quickly turn into amateur sleuths, solving the murders. They are on good terms with Detective Vinetti, and feed him the clues as they come along. The Detective, however, obviously has a thing for Mrs. Buchanan. Even though she knows it, she and her husband joke about privately.

The series is lighthearted in nature, with a few good zinger jokes that incited a laugh outloud response from me on a few occassions. This series is produced by Bravado Productions in Australia, but contains the same quirky type investigations. If you’ve watched Agatha Raisin and enjoyed it, you’ll probably like this series as well.

Mysteries are the usual for who-done-it, sprinkled with humor here and there. The relationship between the husband and wife is pretty adorable, and a niece tags along for their adventures. Since the show apparently died after one season, it’s a good thing it has thirteen episodes to entertain.

You might check this one out if you’re looking for a little pulp fiction.

The Royal House of Windsor (2017)

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Now streaming on Netflix and more recently aired on PBS, is The Royal House of Windsor, a six-part documentary about the royal family. I have to say that this is one of the best tell-alls that I have viewed. The episodes are:

  • Adapt of Die
  • Love & Duty
  • Enter the Outsider
  • Shadow of a King
  • Fire, Feud, and Fury
  • The Top Job

It isn’t a tabloid-type look into the family, but rather a good historical accounting of facts. Starting with the Royal Family during WWI, it goes through WWII era, Prince Philip’s struggles, Charles and Diana, the turbulent marriage and divorce, and the children, and Prince Charles’ imprint on the monarchy and his views. Its insights into their personal lives, such as their upbringing and values, add to the intrigue of the series. It’s an eclectic group of individuals from traditionalists to liberals, making their way through love and duty.

If you’re into the English royal family, I high recommend this informative and well-done show that will give you a deeper understanding of what makes its various members tick. Long live the Queen.

Finally! Season 4 – The Crown

Gillian Anderson (Margaret Thatcher) and Emma Corrin (Lady Diana Spencer) join Olivia Colman. November 15th!!

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Other One’ On Acorn TV 

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I am going to forego writing my own review on this particular series and let you read this review from Decider instead. Frankly, after four episodes, I had enough of The Other One. I found it crass, not funny, and pretty much a downer on humanity. They say watch it – I say skip it.  There is enough stupidity in the world as it is, and I don’t find it entertaining on screen.

When a family man dies, his wife and daughter find out he had a whole other family living not far away… and they’re completely different. But they end up bonding anyway.

Source: Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Other One’ On Acorn TV, A Comedy Where A