The Tomorrow War (Amazon 2021)

1 Kernels

Oh brother. Do you want to see aliens or do you want to see monsters that won’t die? If clawed, multiple armed creatures, with long teeth, a big mouth, with clicking noises and screams appeal to you as aliens, then tune in. This intelligent life doesn’t appear or sound smart enough to build a spaceship or possess the dexterity to build technology and travel the universe with claws. They look more like some prehistoric leftovers.

Oh, it’s a rousing, noisy, action-filled run for your life or be eaten experience some audiences will love. For me, I found it rather unbelievable on so many levels, disappointing, with plot holes enough to take you through the wormhole of time that apparently we are smart enough in the future to build but still have outdated weapons.

Chris Pratt is great at running from dinosaurs, so this movie is right up his alley. Coming to you straight on television during a soccer game, is an army from the future, landing in the middle of the stadium. They have come to recruit people from the past to fight a losing war in the future. Quickly, without too much explanation, nations from around the world fly into the future with their armies to help out. Most are killed. Out of able-bodied soldiers, a draft is formed to recruit the common man on the street. Young person. Middle-aged. Elderly. Let us give you the gun, swoop you forward into the chaos for a week, so you can fight to save your children and grandchildren.

Upon arrival, it’s a grim place with ugly monsters crawling about everywhere. Of course, there’s a glitch during the trip and some arrivals don’t have a soft landing. As the untrained common army is led by Chris Pratt, who has a military background, they receive their first order to make their way to a research center and save the crew and toxin being developed to kill the ugly aliens.

The remainder of the movie is filled with family drama, running from man-eating aliens, and succumbing to a rather ridiculous end. Frankly, I hate these stupid Hollywood movies that fill their audiences with the expectation we’re going to be eaten alive by the tentacles and toothy mouths of dumb-looking aliens. Let’s instill fear, so when they really get here if they have something of value to teach us, we won’t want to listen. Even now, the government is pouring down our throat all these unidentified objects in the air is a matter of “national security.”

Okay, here’s a plot. Intelligent beings arrive on earth, not that vastly ridiculous looking, that are here to bring peace on earth and help is evolve into a world much like their own where they have solved the dilemma of climate change, hunger, poverty, wars, and disease. They share with us their technology, but we greedy humans just want their technology to keep killing our fellow humans so one power-hungry country can obtain world domination. In the end, the aliens end us killing us because we can’t learn to live in peace with one another. Time to fly on to another planet in seek of intelligent life. Nothing here on earth or in Hollywood.

Sorry, not impressed. Perhaps the aliens watching our interpretation of aliens are enjoying a bowl of popcorn over this one and shaking their heads at our stupidity. On behalf of earth, I apologize. Scotty, beam me up.

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