The Victim (BBC 2019)

3 Kernels

Now streaming on Acorn TV is The Victim, a BBC series from 2019. They call it a “thriller,” but I don’t think it really meets that definition. It’s more of a mystery of who done it.

Victim is the story of Anna Dean, a mother who so bereaved over her son that was murdered, that she will go to any lengths to find justice where she believed justice was not served.

The individual who murdered her son, Eddie J. Turner, confessed, was sentenced to seven years, and given protection with a new name and location. Why and how this travesty of justice came about is unclear and briefly mentioned. Of course, Anna feels that the man got off far too easily.

With an inside tip, she believes she has received information after his release where he is living. In the aftermath of posting his picture and address, someone shows up on Halloween night dressed in death’s costume to give him a beating that brings him to death’s door.

It doesn’t take long before the police zero in on Anna that she was responsible for arranging what happened, and Anna ends up in court. In the meantime, the man who was beaten, Craig Meyers, is a 28-year-old bus driver, married, and with a child, who is the victim in this case.

The story pops back and forth from the past to the present, attempting to solve the mystery of the death of Anna’s child. She is so filled with hatred toward the man who did it, it clouds her judgment on many levels, and it trickles down affecting her new husband and daughter.

With a twist ending, you sort of wonder will twist anyway, it’s not a bad show. I wouldn’t rave about it, but three kernels will do for passing the hours on this one. Of course, it contains the troubled cop scenario, marriages that broke due to trauma, and the usual tropes you would find in stories like these.

All I can say, if I ever get arrested, I’m going to say, “no comment.”

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