Wild Bill (Britbox Original 2020)

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UPDATE:  I guess it failed to impressed others as well.  It’s canceled after one season.  Read Here

Okay, there is a new crime show on Britbox entitled Wild Bill, starring our own American actor, Rob Lowe.  It premiered on August 4th, with episodes being released weekly.  The story revolves around a widowed police officer, fired from his job in Miami, and moving to England to lead a small police force, bringing in new high-tech ways.  How he landed the job is beyond me, nevertheless he’s the new cop on the block in his spiffy commander uniform. His new team already makes fun of him before he arrives and a few officers carry grudges against him from the onset. One particular young lady who does investigations is a delight. The others on the force are lacking character.

To add to the personalization of the story, his fourteen-year-old daughter is along for the ride.  Wild Bill is wild and does things not quite legally correct. He is acclimating himself to life in Britain. His daughter, on the other hand, deals with the depression over the loss of their mother and adjusting to school life, getting kicked out for unruly behavior early in the series, and ending up elsewhere.  I’m not too enthralled with her story either as it’s an old worn-out trope.

I have to honestly say I’m not too impressed with this series.  It is mildly entertaining in spots when it comes to the differences between Yanks and Brits.  One particular scene about the police never using their guns is amusing, while we in the wild west shoot suspects left and right.  The crime mysteries are not that engaging either, and I’m sorry to say I’m not quite sure why this show is flat overall.  Oh, wait, I do know why!  Read my review next review and you’ll understand the differences.

One thought on “Wild Bill (Britbox Original 2020)

  1. I thought Wild Bill was a pretty decent series. Although it does not have the foul language, explosions, gun play, and gratitous sex which substitutes for acting in a lot of film today. Albeit it ain’t no Midsomer Murders, Poirot, JackTaylor, et al I’ll give you that. It does have 4 stars on Prime Video.


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