Beecham House (PBS 2020)

Beecham2 Kernels

This is going to be a lackluster review.  Now streaming on PBS is Beecham House, which formerly aired in the UK on ITV in 2019.  I watched this series a few months ago on my PBS Passport subscription and frankly was bored to death. About the only redeeming quality of this series is the luxurious costumes and background, as well as the good looking, but terribly brooding male lead of Tom Batement.  Other than that the story is flat, the acting is flat, and the end is another cliffhanger of epic proportions with no season two to tie up the loose ends.

Read this review on The Guardian. It says it better than I can and gives it one star.  I’m being generous with two.

Sorry, but this one fell flat in my opinion, and the general opinion of others, which is a shame. I cannot quite come to terms with whether it is the story or the acting that makes this show a yawner.  The only excitement is the rotten ending that will never come to a resolution.

Again, it brings up my prior point that British television has been toying with the cliffhanger endings on some famous shows recently in hopes of a season two.  It really leaves a sour taste in this viewer’s mouth, and I wish they would rethink their tactics when doing these shows in the future.

Okay, I’m done ranting.


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