Grantchester (Season 5 – PBS Masterpiece)

Grantchester3 Kernels but no Butter

Well, I couldn’t wait for the next five episodes and binged watched on PBS Passport the entire new season five of Grantchester. The former vicar, Sidney Chambers, has left, during a lackluster and lousy last episode in Season 4.  Now we have our new man of God by the name of Will Davenport.  He rides a motorbike and uses a cappuccino machine.

The usual cast of characters have returned. Detective Inspector Geordie Keating and his wife, along with Mrs. C and Leonard. A new love interest, Ellie Harding has entered the scene, who is a journalist for the local newspaper that shows up at every murder or shortly thereafter with her pen and pad in hand to get the latest scoop. A spark of interest ignites between Will and Ellie that begins an up and down roller coaster relationship, thanks to Will’s struggle to remain celibate.  Poor man — all those raging hormones stuffed inside.

Will, like Sydney, is a complicated character. He wants to be perfect, but he has his own flaws that haunt and tempt him, such as guilt and anger. To make matters worse, his relationship with his mother is strained. He appears to be absent at the vicarage constantly, except for Sunday morning to give his short thoughts about life and God. The rest of the time, he’s running around with Geordie attempting to solve the latest murder.  I think he made a career choice that doesn’t suit him very well.

Mrs. C and Leonard have smoothed things over, and Leonard is becoming bolder with his sexuality.  Each episode has its side plots beyond the usual murders and who-done-it scenarios.  I will say that Geordie has some dinger one-liners this season that had me laughing out loud. The last episode will give you a smile as he plans to tease Will relentlessly about one point (no spoilers here). Geordie seems to have a more agreeable relationship with Will than he did with Sydney, which was volatile in some episodes.  There is more of comradery and jabbing jokes, making their relationship on the lighter side.

I cannot give the show glaring accolades. It fills Sunday night and is mildly entertaining just because most want Granchester to continue.  Hence my three kernels but no butter.

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