The Great (Hulu 2020)

3 Kernels

I am almost embarrassed to give this series three kernels. If I had a shred of decency in me, I would give it one kernel and appear morally superior. This series is raunchy, filled with sex, swearing (including the F-bomb every sentence), possesses disturbing scenes, orgies, terrible morals, disgusting attitudes, and supposedly a comedy that has yet to make me laugh. Even though there are tons of sex scenes, you won’t see much skin. The skirts are voluminous during this time period, so it’s basically an up-the-skirt event. It contains a disclaimer that it is not exactly historically correct, although the underlying story revolves around Peter III and the young Catherine, his wife, who eventually becomes Catherine the Great of Russia.

It begins with the young Catherine arriving from Germany to Russia to wed the tsar. She kisses the ground, believing she is destined for greatness as the wife of Peter the III.  Filled with romantic notions about sex and ruling a nation, she soon discovers that her husband is an absolute soulless ass. He is ignorant and keeps the people in ignorance, thanks to the church who guides him in that direction. Catherine, however, has ideas on how to make a great country, educate the people, bring them an ounce of happiness, all of which Peter could care less about.

The court is filled with immorality and ignorant women, while Catherine is the only one who can read. Whenever she tries to assert her wishes to educate or make things better, her ideas are squashed. Her thoughts of happiness soon turn to unhappiness, leaving her with one recourse. She decides to initiate a coup and overthrow her husband’s reign, to become empress and rule Russia.

Frankly, I’m appalled at myself for continuing to watch this trash but can’t help myself.  I guess it’s the 44% Russian DNA in my veins. If Peter III was really such a disgusting fool, it was a good thing that Catherine did overthrow him, as the history books tell us, and take over the country.

If you decide to watch, do so with CAUTION.  If you are easily offended, this is not the show for you.  There have been so many stories about Catherine the Great, I guess Hulu decided to put a spin on it.  I find some of their shows difficult to stomach. I couldn’t get through Harlots and it appears they enjoy using the shock factor.  The only reason I have a Hulu subscription right now is to watch Mrs. America, which is currently streaming. I’ll no doubt cancel it after that show is over.

Okay, enough said.


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