The Last Post (BBC Series 2017)

Last Post3 Kernels

The Last Post, now streaming on Amazon Prime, is a BBC Drama series set in the mid-1960s regarding a unit of Royal Military Police in Aden, which at the time was British controlled.  It involves not only the officers of the military but their wives and children who live on the base.  It’s a bit of a melodrama soap opera that is overplayed in some aspects with the wives but is worth the watch for historical background on the ever-shrinking British empire colonies.

If you can get past the dramatic wives, there is much enjoyment to be had in the British men in uniform.  There is no lack of good acting, except one huge disappointment in the character Alison Laithwaite, played by Jessica Raine.  You will recognize her as an integral character on Call the Midwife.  In this series, however, she has morphed from the sweet lady birthing babies to a raving hormonal drunk who wants an abortion.  I found her acting in this particular series disappointing but it could be highly attributed to the poor script.  The writers paid far too much attention to her character, which is painfully overplayed, leaving you no sympathy for her plight.

The other characters involve such actors as Jeremy Neumark Jones (who reminds me of a young Henry Cavill) and the seasoned acting of Ben Miles, who does a stellar job as the major.  There are other subplots involving other military men such as one man falling in love with a Muslim woman, newlyweds, and adulterous affairs.

The series consists of six episodes each lasting 59 minutes.  If you’re into another look at the British Empire’s history in Yemen, this is a good series in spite of the slight disturbing scenes of terrorism, the soap opera of the wives, and slightly unbelievable scenes/dialogue.

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