The Crown (Netflix Series – Season 2 Review)


5 Crowns of Excellence

Well, I watched every minute of the ten episodes in two days, devouring Season 2 of The Crown.  Once again, the series has outdone itself in a myriad of ways, giving us a glimpse into historic events.

If anything profoundly (and I say that word with an English accent) touched me this season was the overwhelming empathy I felt for Elizabeth. Though the second season touches heavily upon the relationship between Philip and Elizabeth, it also brings to the surface the profound loneliness of the monarchy and the demands inherent in that position.

Claire Foy is nothing less than brilliant.  Season 2 creatively focuses on the following timelines:

  • Philip’s long world tour and the Suez Canal crisis.
  • Marriage tension between Philip and Elizabeth, with a few flashbacks of Philip’s life.
  • Scandal prevention for the crown, which is ongoing effort it appears.
  • Tenth wedding anniversary of Elizabeth and Philip with Margaret’s woes of being unmarried.
  • The monarchy comes under public attack and some changes are made.
  • The Duke of Windsor is bored and wants to re-enter public life but the buried secret of his collusion with the Nazis is revealed.
  • Margaret gets sad news but a new lover with a less than stellar reputation that ends in a proposal and marriage.
  • The Kennedy’s visit and the Queen takes a trip to Ghana.
  • Prince Charles is sent off to school and the episode reminisces heavily about Philip’s experience as a lad.
  • More hints of scandal and a strained relationship between Elizabeth and Philip.

Even though there is quite a bit of insinuation of Philip’s infidelity, there is really no evidence, apparently, but you can read about the speculation in this article on Forbes.

This is the last we will see of Claire Foy as the queen and Matt Smith as Philip, as they are being replaced by older actors as the story jumps several years into the future.  They will both be missed.

Now, I just have to sit back and find myself something else to watch until Season 3 rolls around or take a trip to England in the meantime.




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