Knightfall (The History Channel)


I wanted to be impressed – really, I did.  Unfortunately, the first episode didn’t float my remote, if you get my drift.

The sword-wielding Templars are an eclectic group of buff and sometimes scruffy monks who have lost their way after a defeat that happened fifteen years prior.  Their armor is sweet.  Their outfits bear the infamous signature of the red cross on white.  The show, however, got off to a somewhat bloody and gruesome beginning with the loss of the Holy Grail.

My biggest disappointment was the not-so-likable role of Julian Ovenden!  He is not a nice character at all, and I’m going to have to come to terms with that throughout the series since I like him so much.  Second, sound quality.  I’m either going deaf or it’s not the best.  Gore – there is plenty for the bloodthirsty.  Cruelty – there is no shortage.

I paid $19.99 for the first season on Amazon since I don’t have the cable channel; hence, I will continue to watch.  Critic reviews seem to be mixed on the Internet this morning.  Here’s hoping that Tom Cullen who plays Landry and the rest of his brothers improve as the series continues.  No doubt it’s a given this is going to be a bloody and violent show that leads to the very sad downfall of the Templars.

What might be wrong with the premise behind Knightfall? The very title “Knight-Fall” that focuses on the famous monk order falling from grace and their loss of popularity with the public.  Perhaps it would have better suited the audience had the series focused historically at the beginning of the order, during their gallant glory days and the purpose for which they were formed.  I, for one, might have found it more intriguing with a slow-walk to the fall from grace.  Already, I’m sadden knowing the terrible end these men face.

Looking for the historical scoop on the knights?  Follow the link to the



One thought on “Knightfall (The History Channel)

  1. The first episode was total and utter crap. I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone could compare this to the vikings. That’s a show which builds its characters but Knightfall starts by blood and thunder and not in a good way. Just think about it. It’s never a good sign when you start surfing the internet during a battle scene but this was just so boring. The actors were bad, the plot even worse. Put some depth to for pitys sake! The show is just about riding on the back of shows like Rome, GoT and wikings and this show fails spectarily. I would rather watch the bold and the beatifull than this. Come on! Queen sleeping with the high master who dumps her, isn’t that just a bit lame reason for her to plot against the order. So effin dissapointed…

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