A Christmas Prince (Netflix 2017)

a-christmas-prince-2017-poster2 Kernels

The newest in Christmas season movies – A Christmas Prince – not to be confused with A Prince for Christmas, or A Crown for Christmas, or A Princess for Christmas.

The writers have officially run out of unique stories, and they are definitely doing the recycle gig. It reminds me of wrapping a used Christmas present and giving it to someone else.

A Christmas Prince isn’t that bad, but certainly is a rehash of the same old storyline. First, it’s the non-royal who ends up at the palace one way or the other. In this case, it’s the prince about to become king, and the journalist who takes on the guise of being his sister’s tutor to get a good story. It appears the prince isn’t too sure if he wants the crown after the death of his father since he’s next in line to the throne.

Once again, there are the stinky aristocrats who attempt to reveal the worthless nobody in order to either win the prince’s heart or the throne. Of course, we always have to have the scene where the heroine of the story arrives at the Christmas ball, dressed to impress, and gains the loving approval of the prince who has fallen head over heels in love with a commoner.

peles-castle-close-upThe story was filmed in the exact same location as A Princess for Christmas with the young Sam Heughan at Peleş Castle in Romania. There is even a similar scene of archery being shot on the very same terrace. In addition, the town scene is identical as well, which frankly surprises me that they would do a repeat location for the same type of movie. It indicates the continued lack of originality in these Christmas prince and princess films.

It is worth the watch? Sure, if you like male eye candy in the form of Ben Lam who plays the prince about to become king.  (Having noticed on Twitter that he owns a cat, he’s a man after my own heart.)  Other than that, I must admit that I hit the fast-forward button a few times to get through to the end. Why? The Same rehashed storyline, including the king returning to find the love of his life in the states. It’s a Christmas proposal of epic kissing in the snow where the commoner is captured by the handsome king and taken to his make-believe kingdom of Andovia to become his queen.

Okay, ’tis the season for Christmas movies. Next, please.

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