Outlander Continues…(insert snore)

Oh, dear heaven above!  I thought it was just me.  There are times I am picky, moody, and downright cranky at my age.  However, the last few episodes of Outlander have not held my attention.

After looking inwardly to see if some hormonal imbalance had affected my judgment, I visited the Period Drama Appreciation group on Facebook.  Alas, lass, I’m not alone!  It’s filled with complaints such as slow, dragging, boring story, not my favorite book, the excitement is gone, it’s disappointing, and just plain boring since the reunion at the print shop.

It appears the hot and sexy duo of Claire and Jaimie are bewitched by new writers and Ronald Moore not being involved as much as in the earlier seasons.  Perhaps Jamaica will heat things up a bit because even the latest romp in the ship’s cabin was a quicky.

Okay, I feel justified in my thoughts in spite of thinking I was watching a few stolen scenes from Master and Commander (2003 Movie with Russel Crowe). The lack of wind, the growing discontent of the crew, and the focus upon one person as a scapegoat was a bit too close not to be noticed.  Thought that a bit strange.

Back to Poldark this Sunday, and don’t get me started on evil George Warleggan or that stubborn Ross Poldark!  They both need a good slap.


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