Outlander – Season 4 (A. Malcom)

outlander-season-3-poster-bigLast evening at 9 p.m. PST, I tuned into Starz on my Amazon account to watch the highly anticipated reunion of Claire and Jaimie.  What I had hoped to be an emotional reunion of two lovers turned out to be a sex feast of epic proportions. Prepare yourself for plenty of breasts, rear-ends, low front shots, and sexual positions attempting to turn up the heat in Edinburgh.

Was I impressed?  Was I moved?  No, I was bored stiff.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

True to its former episodes, the producers have done their utmost to keep with the graphic sensation this series has brought from sex to torture.  Hey, I know what goes on in the bedroom, but does the intimate reunion of these two star-crossed lovers need to take fifteen minutes to undress one another?  Do we need to stare into each other’s eyes for sixty plus seconds?  Do I really need to see two people grunt and grind in moaning ecstasy?

Once again, having not read the books (shame on me), I suppose I anticipated too much from Claire’s return. Frankly, I had enjoyed Season 4 quite a bit until now. Besides Jamie fainting, the reunion left many unanswered questions, except to answer what is a zipper, what are photographs, what’s a bikini?  The emotional aspect that could have been was spread as thin as the coverings on their bodies.  Frankly, I felt cheated.

I have read that the producers have taken liberty with the book version to tweak it here and there.  Whatever possessed them to make this entire extended episode filled with grunting, kissing, and head-butting is beyond me.  Come on, guys!  You’ve left me emotionally starved though given millions of women an organismic moment with Jaime, who by the way is sick of being idolized as a sex object.  You’ve done the viewers and him no favors.

I’m done ranting.  I think I’ll go rewrite the scene for myself so I can have some closure. And, of course, we ended it with another possible rape scene–what else?

Thankfully, the fully clothed members of Poldark return this evening on PBS.

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