Wonder Woman (Movie Review 2017)

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Dust off your knowledge of Greek mythology and enter into the world of the Amazons – a tribe of women warriors. Greek mythology, per DC Comics, tells us the Amazons were created by the gods to protect mankind from Ares, the god of war. They ride horses, wield swords, are skilled archers, and have no qualms in defending themselves with brutal force.

The story begins with Diana, a young girl, who is yet to understand her powers, as she is raised on the island of Themyscira by her mother and queen. Beautiful aquamarine waters surround the mountainous location, shielded and hidden from the real world. It’s here that Diana learns her warrior skills, even though her mother would prefer she remains clueless about her true origin.

As she grows into a warrior, World War I, the war of all wars, rages outside their shielded world until a pilot crashes his plane through the barrier at their idyllic location. Saved by Diana from drowning, she brings the handsome pilot, Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, to her mother. The ladies force him to confess as he is wound up in that glowing lasso of truth. Discovering that the war rages, Diana is convinced that the evil Ares lives and needs to be destroyed so mankind can be saved. Of course, is mankind worth saving? Are we inherently corrupt and a lost cause? Diana, believing it’s her duty and destiny, leaves the island with the pilot to kill Ares and end the war.

Diana is clueless when she comes in contact with a man and life outside her world. It’s a dirty and ugly place, and the clothes of 1917 don’t work for a warrior woman. Carrying around her sword and shield is a real pain. Steve tries to keep her powers under wraps but finds it hard to control a woman with a cause.

Kudos to Gal Gadot, the wonder woman Israeli actress who did a stunning job with a physically difficult role as the warrior woman.  It does make me wonder if she did all her own stunts or another wonder lady took her place. I cannot think of anyone better suited to play the role as she is both fierce and soulful. The other women of the island are all buff, young, and gorgeous in their outfits, with skills that make my aging body look pathetic.

Of course, the story is a struggle of good versus evil, and the prime purpose is the destruction of Ares by Wonder Woman. Along the way to her final mission, she manages a rather brutal encounter with the German army on the battlefield. The sad realities of the war are reiterated, which we should never forget. Though it was supposedly the war to end all wars, it did finally end after 8,528,831 military deaths worldwide (including a few of my distant cousins), not counting the casualties of civilians. If we had superheroes in the world such as Diana, perhaps these staggering statistics could be avoided. The reality, of course, is that we do not. Our imaginations continue to create these saviors of mankind to satisfy our need for salvation from ourselves.

The movie overall was good. Since I’m not a comic book superhero junkie by any means, my only complaints about these types of tales (even Superman with handsome Henry Cavill in his tights), is that the final battle between good and evil drags on and on and on. They throw everything in the book at each other, as well as throwing each other around like rag dolls that result in no cuts or bruises.

So how does Wonder Woman finally win the battle against the evil Ares? Well, realizing who she is in the scheme of the universe and choosing love over hate. Thankfully, we still make movies where superheroes win over evil. If we start writing stories where evil wins over good, we’re a doomed society.

In closing, I can say, that I felt a bit puffed up as a female at the end. Kudos to our gender! We can be pretty badass without blaming it on PMS.

One thought on “Wonder Woman (Movie Review 2017)

  1. I’m so glad that after all the hate and negative comments Gal Gadot got that she is killing it in this role. Definitely proves all the haters wrong. I’m also not a big comic book fan, which I find is usually a blessing in disguise when watching a movie like this because my expectations are far lower. In general, I just need this movie to be better than BvS and Suicide Squad, and something tells me that’s not going to be a problem at all. Great review, I enjoyed reading it.

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