Shetland (BBC Scotland TV Series 2013-Present)

shetland_further_episodes_dvd-w900-h600.770x03 Kernels

You’ve heard of Shetland ponies and sheep dogs– now comes a Shetland BBC Scotland TV series.

Once again, the BBC takes me on a trip to places I’ll never visit but find hauntingly beautiful under cold gray skies in the way-up-northern hemisphere. Oh, how I wish I could live there where the madness of the world slips away to a sleepy village with a few murders sprinkled here and there among the back-road and coastal communities.

Shetland is currently streaming on Netflix and is another fine BBC who-done-it drama.  Once you get used to those heavy Scottish accents, the first two episodes will pull you into another world.  Of course, I run off and must Google everything, to see it on the map and read about the history, but I won’t bore you here on an entertainment review blog.  To my disappointment, the series is filmed in mainland Scotland that is somewhat like the Shetland Islands, and only a few scenes have included Lerick. Be prepared to watch the ferry cross the waters back and forth between island locations.

Nevertheless, the first two episodes is an intriguing story of a murdered elderly lady, who had a love affair in her youth with the Norwegian leader of the Shetland Bus. You’ll have to tune in to figure out what that period of World War II was all about.

In addition to that tidbit, the first two episodes also give you the experience of watching the Up Helly Aa fire festival of marching men in Roman outfits and a Viking long ship being burned by torches.  It’s worth watching just to see the last few scenes of torches being tossed on the ship and flames flying everywhere.

Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez (tune into the third episode to find out why he has a Spanish surname), played by Douglas Henshall, is the inspector traveling back and forth on a ferry with his rugged SUV to travel the highways in the middle of nowhere.  Much like series Vera or Hinterland, he traipses about the barren landscape, solving murders among the community.  Apparently, the series is based on novels by Ann Cleeves (not to be confused with Anne of Cleves, the fourth wife of Henry VIII – just thought I’d throw that out there).  Douglas Henshall apparently won the best actor BAFTA award for 2016.

The series started in 2013 and is scheduled for more episodes to be released in 2017.  If you’re looking for another British mystery crime show, I highly recommend Shetland to add to your binge list.  I haven’t seen any Shetland ponies or dogs yet, but here’s hoping.

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