Midsomer Murders Retires Sykes

Midsomer Murders waved farewell to a much loved veteran star of the show when Sykes, Barnaby’s beloved pet dog, hung up his lead and retired from the show at the end of the last series.

Source: Midsomer Murders says farewell as Sykes retires

I didn’t know that beloved Sykes had gone into retirement until I tuned into Season 18 of Midsomer Murders on Acorn TV. To my horror, the dog is now buried in Barnaby’s backyard! I wanted to weep and quickly Googled to make sure Sykes (that cutie) was still alive and hadn’t actually crossed the Rainbow Bridge into doggy heaven. The talented pooch has gone into retirement. I, on the other hand, will be working well into my old age even in doggy years.

The furry friend has been replaced by a new dog in town named Paddy. In addition, a new Sergeant has arrived at DCI Barnaby’s side. Oh, the joys of parting bushes in the dark of night where lurking killers wait for their victims! I’m back to devouring British crime.

Apparently, Season 19 has been in the works. It’s a never ending village of gruesome deaths where residents quickly repopulate the quaint villages, replacing the deceased. It’s a wonder anyone is left.

One thought on “Midsomer Murders Retires Sykes

  1. First thing I did when I discovered Sykes was buried in Barnaby’s back yard . . . I cried then googled to make sure he wasn’t REALLY passed on. Thank goodness he is just retired. Sweet poochie! ❤


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