Secrets of Great British Castles – Season 2

castlesUPDATE: 2/27/17 – Binge watched and absolutely wonderful!  I had a chance to visit Leeds Castle in 2011, and this episode revealed everything I didn’t know about the location and history.  Love this entire series!  Hopefully, #3 will come next year.

Netflix has added new episodes to this great series with historian Dan Jones.  Season 2 takes you to:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Cardiff Castle
  • York Castle
  • Leeds Castle
  • Lancaster Castle
  • Arundel Castle

If you missed Season 1, check out my review.  Great opportunity to visit these formidable fortresses that were places of kings, queens, and intrigue through Irish, English, and Scottish history.

  1 comment for “Secrets of Great British Castles – Season 2

  1. Marcella
    September 10, 2018 at 12:47 am

    I am thoroughly enjoying season 2 as I did season 1, I sure hope that there will be a season 3 & 4 as there are tons of castles in the British Isles. Marcella


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