Timeless (NBC 2016)

timeless3 Kernels

Let’s face it – I love anything to do with time travel – well most everything.  The Time Machine (1960 Movie with Rod Taylor) sticks in my mind as my first adventure across time and space.  However, when Stephan Hawking announced that time travel really isn’t possible, it broke my bubble. Nevertheless, we have plenty of books, comics, movies, and television shows to tell us otherwise.  Just look at this list of time-travel related entertainment!  CLICK HERE

The newest on the horizon to mess up the time/space continuum is Timeless, a new NBC network show.  I caught the first few episodes on Hulu, since I missed them on television due to my out-of-the-country vacation in timeless England.  Anyway…

Enter the cast – Lucy Preston (played by Abigail Spencer), a professor of history, who gets sucked into time travel thanks to the bad guys stealing the time machine that no one knew existed (except the good guys hiding it not so good from the bad guys).  Because of Lucy’s impressive historical knowledge, she is engaged by Homeland Security to save America’s future. Along for the ride is Wyatt Logan (played by Matt Lanter), who is the gun-packing hero bringing the heat.

Lucy’s first encounter with the past for the pilot is the the Hindenburg disaster, which occurred on May 6, 1937. It was the German passenger airship that caught fire and plunged to the earth killing most of the crew and passengers. The bad guy, Garcia Flynn (played by Goran Visnjic) and his team has returned to change how the accident plays out.  Of course, the audience is kept in the dark as to why and what he’s trying to change in the future.  Their second encounter is President Lincoln’s assassination, which is a rather good and emotional look into that incident.

Of course, like any other time travel scenario, when you change the past you change the future. The little incidents gone haywire in the past have changed Lucy’s situation in the first two episodes, and no doubt this occurrence will continue in Timeless as things get screwed up in the past.  Perhaps it’s a good thing that we can’t time travel.

The show seems promising, and I will continue to tune in on the future episodes airing on Monday nights.  However, for some reason deep down in my gut I don’t think this new show is going to last for years on end – my prediction for the future.


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