Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (Movie 2012)

Salmon Fishing One Sheet_SalmonFishing_OneSheet4 Kernels

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is one of those movies that I had wanted to see after enjoying the coming attractions at the theater.  Unfortunately, I failed to go and then forgot about it until recently.  Currently streaming on Amazon Prime for free is this entertaining romantic comedy with a core topic of salmon fishing.  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

It’s fresh on the Tomato Meter thanks to the fantastic lineup of Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas, Tom Mison, and others.  The basic story revolves around Sheikh Muhammed from Yemen who loves to salmon fish and wishes to bring the sport to his country.

Harriet, played by Emily Blunt, is the Sheikh’s representative in the UK tasked with finding the talent to bring it to pass.  Ewan McGregor plays Dr. Alfred Jones, a fisheries expert, who is approached about the project.  Of course, at first, the idea is ludicrous because of the logistics and climate so he initially declines.

Because the government needs something warmhearted for PR regarding their relationship with Arab nations, he is pressured by the Prime Minister’s PR representative to make it happen.  After Dr. Jones finally meets the Sheikh, who also owns an estate in Scotland (which you will immediately recognize as being the Ardverikie House used in Monarch of the Glen), Dr. Jones honestly conveys to him the challenge.  However, the Sheikh, whose personality is extremely likable, tells Dr. Jones who has no religion to have faith.  Cost is no object, and he immediately funds the project with $50,000,000.

The story, of course, is a romantic comedy that pulls at the heartstrings.  Harriet is in love with Captain Robert Mayers (played by Tom Mison), and Dr. Jones is salmonmarried to a woman with a demanding career and they are childless.  At first, their relationship as colleagues turns into a friendship, but because of their circumstances, during the progression of the story, emotions and life decisions redirect their affections toward each other.

I really enjoyed this movie because of the endearing characters, humor, and an underlying theme that nothing is impossible if you believe in spite of the movie not being religiously bias in any way.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  You won’t be sorry even if you’re not into salmon fishing.  I may just watch it again today.

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