Agatha Raisin (TV Series 2016)

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At last another British crime show about who-done-it in the small country village!  Move over Miss Marple for a  younger version of a murder-solving babe in her mid-forties.  She’s smart.  She’s Scottish.  She’s humorous.  And she isn’t bad looking either.  Enter Agatha Raisin, a rather new addition to the murderous English country folk. They just don’t have anything better to do.

Agatha (played by Ashley Jensen) is a successful PR woman, who sells her company to live her dream.  The same dream that I have but probably won’t ever experience — buy an English cottage in the Cotswolds and retire.  She’s a perky, posh, and out of place in the small village, wandering around in her high heels, trying to fit in.  Her humorous attempts at entering the quiche contest and best garden only get her in trouble as a few of her acquaintances she’s made in town get murdered.

Because Agatha can’t leave well enough alone, for each mystery, she starts one of those boards in her cottage with pictures and sticky notes to solve the crime.  Of course, in a small town like this they are dropping like flies, which makes you wonder how they keep up the population.

Agatha Raisin is based on a series of books (sigh, I wish I could write English crime novels) by M.C. Beaton.  The stories aren’t terrible gory (like our U.S. murders) but interesting enough to keep you watching until the criminal is revealed.  There are a few tense episodes where Agatha goes a bit too far and endangers her life when she attempts to corner the killer into confessing.

As sidekicks to her sleuthing are two bumbling local detectives who can’t figure out much ofagatha-raisin-image anything. Agatha also engages her business partner, housecleaner, and love interest, dragging them along to solve the crimes with her.

Season 1 aired earlier this year, and I’ve watched it streaming on Hulu.  It’s a delightful, funny, and entertaining, and I hope they decide to pick up Season 2.  You won’t be sorry if you love to see the English murder each other over petty things.  The only thing missing are the peacocks screeching in the night.

  1 comment for “Agatha Raisin (TV Series 2016)

  1. December 12, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    I absolutely loved this show and would love to know who to write to to request that it come back on.


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