Outlander – Ep. 213 – Dragonfly In Amber

outlander-season-finale5 Kernels

Last evening Amazon Starz had posted the last Episode of Season 2 for Outlander at 9 p.m.  I had planned on an early bedtime but passed the pillow for the Outlander season finale.  So, since this hasn’t aired yet Saturday, July 9th, for all you anxious lasses, SPOILER ALERT!

I will say this much — finally, I had an episode that kept my interest after yawning through most of the episodes of this second season.  I even shed a tear through it.  Not a big one, mind you, but a glistening of my eyes.  Just to clarify, I did not weep uncontrollably as some of you will but finally had been moved with emotion.  No doubt, hard-core fans should get a box of tissues before you hit the remote button.

Okay, so we are back to fast-forward to the death of the reverend.  Claire has returned to Scotland with her daughter, Brianna, to pay her respects.  Frank is dead.  Claire is now a surgeon and sports a few gray streaks in her hair, even though her complexion doesn’t have a wrinkle to indicate age.

We have two newcomers to the show –Sophie Skelton as Brianna (Jamie and Claire’s daughter), and Richard Rankin who plays Roger, that little lad brought up by the reverend.  The episode will flash back and forth between the past and future like a dizzy dance of scenes.  Nevertheless, it works quite well in spite of it.

After the funeral, Brianna forms a friendship with Roger, who gives her a tour of the grand Scottish landscape even visiting some of the places that her father and mother had been.  While they are off together, Claire is busy visiting the memorial at Culloden, Lallybroch, and looking up genealogy records.  At the same time, while she is reminiscing and talking to Jamie at the Clan Fraser stone at Culloden about their daughter, Brianna is determined to find out about the buried secret involving Claire and Frank.

Her determination pays off after finding newspaper articles and letters regarding Claire’s disappearance, and she concludes that her mother had an affair and that she is not Frank’s daughter.  Finally, Claire tells her everything, only to be scoffed at by her bizarre story.  The proof of her time-travel adventure eventually plays out before Brianna’s eyes as the episode continues (won’t spoil it here) to make her a believer.

While flashing backward, we watch Jamie take Claire to the stones, telling her she must return before the battle begins.  By this time an even more dastardly occurrence has happened that puts Jamie at risk (won’t spoil that either).  Their parting, of course, is the tear jerking moment, well done, heartwrenching, and worth the five stars.

As the episode ends, Claire learns that Jamie had survived which means one thing – she can go back.  The camera draws toward the stone, taking you with it, as it travels to the other side and the season ends in darkness.

The last 90 minutes was worth the entire slow-moving season two that I found difficult to keep my interest.  It’s worth a rewatch, a few more tissues, and the long wait for Season Three.  Good luck lasses!  I can only wonder if Claire will return to Jamie with her gray streaks.  Probably not.


  2 comments for “Outlander – Ep. 213 – Dragonfly In Amber

  1. Jennifer
    July 10, 2016 at 12:16 am

    I love the series, and enjoyed the season finale. The 90 minute episode flew by for me. My one concern, however, is with the actress playing Briana. I thought her performance was wooden, and the delivery of her lines to be unsophisticated. There were several times where it really seemed to me like she was just reading lines. I thought the actor playing Roger was convincing. I am curious as to what others thought of the casting.


    • July 10, 2016 at 1:06 am

      I agree, Jennifer. I was going to say something in the review but passed. Her performance was a bit contrived and unconvincing, especially her lines and actions when she learned the truth. Perhaps she will improve in time.


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