Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

independence-day-resurgence-poster2 Stars

Well, we kicked alien ass once again and probably will do it one more time. The last words of the film imply earthlings will go intergalactic in search of these creepy aliens hell-bent on destroying worlds wherever they go.  Such is the theme of Independence Day: Resurgence.

If you love things bigger and louder with lots of devastation, you will enjoy the return of these ugly bastards to planet earth.  Also returning are a few stars from the original, minus Will Smith, with a new character that represents his son.  As a result of the last invasion, the world has turned into a united utopia of sorts where we war no more against each other, have made peace beyond borders, and have one ruling government – yeah right.  In addition, we have used the alien technology to build our defenses because we knew one day they would be back (the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of the universe).

Anyway, as the critics say, there isn’t much character development, but a whole lot of oh my gosh graphics and on-screen fighting.  Heroes give up their lives to try and save planet earth (the former President Whitmore to be precise). Brent Spiner is back as Dr. Brakish Okun, who wakes up after twenty years of a coma when the bad guys return, but unfortunately the humor falls flat as a pancake.

Compared to the first movie, it doesn’t reach the same altitude. The acting isn’t the best, especially in one scene where devastation is occurring in front of two characters David Levison (played by Jeff Goodman) and Jake Morrison (played by Liam Hemsworth).  As they sit in their nifty space craft, with a front-row view of the world being shredded before their eyes, at least Jeff Goodman has a slight ounce of terror on his face, while Liam sitting next to him seems like he’s enjoying Battlestar Galactica on his PlayStation – “wow, look at that – isn’t it cool?”

That’s about as much emotion as I got out of the film – was, wow, look at those cool scenes.  Even when the so-called humorous attempts arrived, no one even chuckled in the theater.  Let’s face it — sometimes the cool and entertaining originals that brought fright, laughter, and awe the first time around should be left well enough alone.


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