HUM∀NS (2015-)


3 Kernels

Saturday I was in a fit of depression. Sunday, I snapped out of it and went to the Oregon coast and got some perspective.  Of course, ever since I know the big one is lurking out there in the Cascadia fault line, waiting to drown all the Oregon coast habitats in a tsunami, I stare at the white waves in trepidation.  If it happens during one of my visits, I probably won’t be able to run fast enough to higher ground.  (Don’t you love these odd introductions?)

Okay, so back to Saturday and depression.  On Amazon Prime, I stumbled across HUM∀NS. It’s a period drama not backward but forward into the not-so-far-away future of owning an android to help us around the house with chores, cook, babysit, carry our golf clubs, make sure we take our medications or have sex with a “synthetic” or what is called a “synth” in this series. In the development of these androids lurks a mad scientist who can’t keep well enough alone.  He gets the brilliant idea to make a family, including one who is half human/half machine to replace his dead son.  This family, though, is not like the others wandering around the world.  These guys have self-realization thoughts and are nearly human-like, except for the chips that make them run.

It’s that age-old fear that we will build machines that will dominate the human race because they are smarter, stronger, and far superior to our weaknesses in the flesh.  Each of these family members appears to have a variety of instincts from the mothering-type to the psychopathic killer.  When they realize that they can evolve even farther because of a secret code their creator has implanted in their machine psyche, they have the ability to connect with every android on earth giving them realization.  It’s a code for disaster. The question remains, can you build a machine with a soul that knows right from wrong, evil from good, or how to really understand what it means to be human.

The first eight episodes are pretty good, filled with some of your favorite British actors.  Apparently, it’s scheduled for a return in season two in late 2016 to the UK and 2017 in the US.

It makes you think about the future because we are not far behind in robotics development.  The Chinese and Japanese have human-like ones now that give you the creeps.  Frankly, a hundred years into the future, and we will no longer be writing science fiction because it will be reality if we don’t nuke the earth, die from global warming, or a comet smashes and wipes us all out.  On that note, have a great day!


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