Outlander Season 2, Ep. 204 (Le Dame Blanche)

OutlanderS2Starz_Flyout_us_519x545._CB294524208_I’m going to pass on writing anything significant regarding this episode for a variety of reasons.  Another relatively move-it-along episode that can be summed up with bullet points below in no particular order:

  • Claire finally tells Jamie that Randall is alive.
  • Jamie seems happy about it because he can finally kill the bastard himself.
  • Jamie and Claire have an argument because of activities at the brothel and bite marks on his body. Finally, he’s ready to do it after experiencing a bit of temptation elsewhere.  You’ll get to see his naked behind again and Claire’s breast being sucked. (Starz, oh, Starz, my biggest complaint, too much flesh.)
  • More drinking on Claire’s behalf while pregnant.
  • The evil Comte apparently slipped something in her drink to make her sick.
  • Claire and Jamie throw a dinner party to derail investors in Prince Charles’ war efforts.
  • As usual, Claire is a magnet again for trouble when she decides to do something on her own, which ends up in assault and rape of Mary Hawkins.
  • The dinner party ends up in a brawl.
  • Next week – “It’s either him or me!” Claire knows if Jamie kills Randall, Frank will not exist.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the scene of throwing bones on a Zebra skin reading her future.  She’s told that she will see Frank again, but obviously is hugely disappointed over that revelation.

Until next week!  Oh, and I forget to watch it Friday night when it was posted.  Me bad.

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