Chasing Shadows (Acorn TV 2014)

ChasingShadows2 Kernels

Filling in the void while waiting for additional episodes to arrive for my favorite shows comes Chasing Shadows.  It’s a short-lived drama of four parts focusing on the missing persons unit.  It’s advertised as a “thrilling” show, but frankly I thought it a tedious show — mainly because of the main character who has a tendency to get on your nerves.

Reece Shearsmith plays DS Sean Stone, who has a real problem in life.  He has no idea how to interact with the human race.  He’s disconnected from his surroundings, rude, and insensitive.  Most of his life he is totally oblivious to everything going on around him.  It’s a wonder he can drive or walk down a street for that matter.  Of course, he’s the victim of a psychological disorder akin to autism, who is allowed to continue working because he’s good at what he does.  But is he?  Some of his conclusions end up wrong, so he can’t be right about all his deductions of “who done it.”

Alex Kingston is wasted in the role as Stone’s partner.  She spends most of the time irritated at Stone, who really isn’t her partner in any sense of the word.  He’s brusque, confusing, difficult to understand, and makes no sense most of the time. When she’s not trying to find him or chasing after him, she tries to do her job sensibly only to find it hindered by her coworker.

The four-part series focus on missing persons, who have all been murdered by a serial killer.  The last episode is left hanging when DS Stone’s housekeeper is the next to disappear, but it appears there will be no more shows to find out what happened to her.  This four-series short has not return, and I’m not surprised.

What doesn’t make the show work can boil down to one thing – the main character.  If you could find a sense of likeability about the guy, you might look past his inability to interact.  However, it’s because he is in another world of his own that the audience can never connect with him. He should be likeable to the extent that he gains your empathy.  Only then can you understand his disability and tolerate his odd behavior.

I hate giving out two popcorn kernels.  Usually when a show doesn’t sit well with me, I’ve either got heartburn, a headache, or I’m tired.  I’m long past the PMS stage, so I can’t blame that physical ailment or menopause for that matter.

Nevertheless, Chasing Shadows has ended up on my easy-to-forget list.  Time to search for something new.

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