The Last Detective (Acorn TV 2003-2007)

4 Kernels

Stars: Peter Davison, Sean Hughes, Rob Spendlove

Better late than never, right?  Well, as I’m digging through my Acorn TV subscription on Amazon, I came across The Last Detective.  It is another good British crime show, only this one has a kindhearted detective centered in the middle of the mystery.

Detective “Dangerous” Davies is the poor sod that no one likes.  He’s ridiculed at work, jokes are played upon him by coworkers, and his boss isn’t much support.  Since he’s not in the top-ten as far as popularity, he always gets the crap cases no one else wants.

The guy may be boring to some, but he has a good analytical mind and always solves the case.  He’s determined, kind, and treats people with respect, regardless of the fact the man gets no respect in return from his ex-wife or coworkers. He is the poster boy for “turning the other cheek” whenever he is wronged by others.

He has two rather odd partners in life — his dog that he gets visitation with and a deadbeat friend, played by Sean Hughes, who is always changing jobs.  He’s an odd duck that can spout off surprising trivia but comes as across as a loser with a big “L” on his forehead. Nevertheless, he is the only one who listens to what Dangerous has to say and is a true friend indeed.

I have just finished the first season and found it entertaining.  Frankly, I like the lead Peter Davison.  He’s perfect for the part with kind eyes and a calming tone to his voice — not bad looking either when he smiles.

The stories are based on a series of novels written by Leslie Thomas.  Apparently, this is the second television series, with the first airing in 1981 with Bernard Cribbins.

Another good one to check out!  I have three more seasons to finish but am sure they will be entertaining.

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