New Worlds (Acorn TV Mini Series 2014)


2 Kernels

Stars: Pip Carter, Phil Cheadle,Jamie Dornan

It’s not often that I give such a low score on a British-made television show.  Unfortunately, this mini series incited me to push that fast-forward button to get to the end.  I picked this one up on my Acorn TV subscription on Amazon, looking for a good historical series.  For me is just didn’t float my boat between England and the Americas. Somewhere in the middle of the story it sank.

It’s an historical look into the times after the death of Cromwell and the return of Charles II to the throne of England.  Enter the struggle between the monarchists who want to wipe out the leftover republicans wishing England’s was free from those kings and queens – tyrants as they are.

In the middle of that battle, board the ship to America, and if you make it, take a peek into the English colonists trying to build a new world among the native Americans – savages as they are to the newcomers.  If that doesn’t make you dizzy, throw in there the lingering Christian love between Protestants and Catholics, who still say their way is the only way – especially the controlling and merciless pilgrims warning to obey or hell awaits.

The story mainly revolves around four main individuals, but it flips back and forth between England and America at a dizzy pace.  Even though their lives and struggles are intertwined, I cannot help but think this series would have been better served if it had focused on each aspect separately.  What the title implies is “new worlds,” but in England they are returning to the old world of monarchy as a form of government and focusing on those who won’t give up the dream of their yearn for freedom. 

The other side of the pond lies the pilgrims, seeking to build a new world. They struggle with killing Indians, taking their land, while still dealing with Charles II who rules the colonies where they live in Massachusetts.

There is graphic violence, multiple hangings, heads rolling, and the usual gore. The characterization of love between the characters is rather flat, frankly. The acting a bit dull.  Some scenes drag. And in general, my interest waned in the third installment to the extent I just fast forwarded to get through it.

Perhaps other will find it interesting and just the opposite.  If it floats your boat, you’ll make it from England to the Americas. But for me, it just didn’t do the trick.  Even Jamie Dornan, our Christian Grey, was too filthy-looking to turn me on.  And one of my favorite actors, Jeremy Northam, who played the King didn’t move me either, even though he did portray that snooty King on the throne look rather well.

Best to rent and not buy.

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