Brooklyn (Movie 2015)

3 Kernels

 Stars:  Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, and Domhnall Gleeson

This past weekend I went and saw Brooklyn, which is a story of a young Irish woman, Eilis Lacey, in the 1950’s who leaves her sister and mother and travels to New York.  Encouraged by her sister to look for better opportunities, she embarks on an adventure across the pond as a young and innocent young woman on the road to maturity.

As she settles into her new job as a store and parish church, she meets a young man who likes Irish girls.  He, on the other hand, is Italian and a plumber.  They fall in love in an endearing sort of way, but are threatened to be pulled apart when Eilis’ sister suddenly passes away and she must return home.  Afraid that she won’t return, her boyfriend Tony convinces her to marry him in a civil ceremony before leaving.

Once Eilis returns to Ireland, she is pressured on every side by her mother and friends to remain. Her heartstrings are tugged upon as she realizes that she has missed Ireland and begins to struggle with returning to the states after developing feelings for another fellow.  However, no one knows that she is secretly wed, until she confesses it to her mother after experiencing a harsh reminder of what life is like in her little town.

The movie is highly rated at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and with a 92% approval from the audience.  Why am I not crazy about it?  I can’t put my finger upon it, frankly.  The movie was a bit boring and slow to me in spots and for some reason didn’t tug upon my heartstrings as it apparently has done to others.  I just didn’t find the movie one of those memorable ones that will stick with me for some time to come.


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