Poldark (PBS 2015 – Episodes 1-3) Review

5 Kernels

Staring:   Aiden Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson

When Poldark 2015 PBS Masterpiece started to air in the United Kingdom, I did dastardly things like run to YouTube and find episodes posted to watch before they were pulled for copyright infringement. Six episodes made it to my computer, but I could not find the last two. They were terrible as far as quality, but at least I got to see a few before coming to the United States.

It was quite obvious after reading the reviews and comments from swooning women that Poldark was a smash hit in the U.K.  I wondered since most of the U.S. had been bathed in Outlander hype whether it would move any women across the pond.  Well, I’m happy to say that after reading comments on the PBS Facebook page, it appears that Poldark has found more hearts to capture.  

No doubt, it’s because of Aiden Turner.  Let’s face it, the man has a face that can weaken the knees at one smoldering glance. Whether it’s his period clothing, curly long hair, or dark and seductive gazes, females are having trouble controlling urges. We’ve seen him naked in the water (zoom in as much as you can on stills) and shirtless and sweating with his sickle in hand whacking down the field of his estate. 

We are transported to late 18th century England, who has lost the war with the newly formed United States of America. After coming home from his duty abroad, looking quite dashing in his Redcoat costume, Ross arrives to a world that has vastly changed. His father is dead. His inheritance is in ruins. When he returns to his uncle’s family to announce his arrival home, to add to his woes, he discovers the love of his life is engaged to his cousin Francis. Welcome home, Ross.

Then there is beautiful redheaded Eleanor Tomlinson who plays Delmeza, his maid. She arrives on the show as a scruffy lady dressed like a boy in order to escape her father who beats her. With the possibility of crawlers in her curly locks and a mangy dog along side, Ross Poldark finds a soft place for her plight and offers her a job as a kitchen maid.  Everyone settles in, while Ross turns his attention to rebuilding a life.

Rather than leaving, like his uncle prods him to do, he decides to stay and face the odds. Ingenious enough to find investors, he reopens his father’s derelict mine. All the while, he nurses his broken heart over his lost love, Elizabeth, who is married and eventually becomes pregnant. Slowly, his attentions and appreciation turn toward the one women in his life, Delmeza, who cares for his every need. 

We love Ross Poldark for many reason beyond his buff body, smoldering looks, and dashingly handsome appearance in this tri-corner hat. Ross is a man from upper-class stock, but he has a heart bigger than anyone else in Cornwall. He cares about those who live on his estate. He treats people with kindness and respect. He’s an advocate for those who need his help, and he provides for those who need an income to survive and put food on their table. He is a man of character, far different from others in his family, such as his cousin and uncle. Though he carries a torch for Elizabeth, he slowly comes to the realization that his heart can belong to another.

Why do I love Poldark? I’ll give you one reason with many aspects — it’s classy.  The cinematography is breathtaking. The costumes and sets are wonderful.  The acting is superb.   And above all, romance can be had without baring boobs and butts in order to make a fantastic series to enjoy.

Thank you PBS for quality television, and thanks to Aiden Turner for filling the void on Sunday nights and giving us another man to admire.  Well done to all in the cast!  Well done indeed.

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