Hunderby (TV UK Sky Series 2012)

3 Kernels

Stars: Julia Davis, Alexandra Roach, Alex Macqueen

So at the prodding of my son, I signed up for Hulu.  Since Netflix didn’t renew a lot of the BBC shows (shame on them), I went over to Hulu because they are brimming with British sitcoms.  I only have one complaint.  WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME THEY HAVE COMMERCIALS?  Grrr…..  Ditch them, already.  I’m paying them as much as Netflix a month, who lets me watch straight through without bombarding me with advertisements.  The only thing that is redeeming Hulu in my eyes is the vast amount of British television and movies waiting for me to devour.

Okay, now that I am done bitching…  I stumbled across Hunderby as my first watch.  Good gracious in heaven above — what an irreverent dark comedy that only British humor could devise. You’ll either be appalled or will laugh your head off.  I sat midground, hence the three kernels. The show does have it’s redeeming qualities (or maybe not).  This type of humor, however, has never been my cup of tea. Nevertheless, it is clever but a morally shocking comedic story of 1830 England and one very strange group of people.

The story begins with a shipwreck and a woman who washes up on shore by the name of Helene.  However, that’s not really her name because she’s a stowaway running from her past.  Immediately, after being revived by the doctor while others took her for dead, she is courted by Edmund, a brimstone preaching vicar who is a crude man.  When Helene marries him and comes to live in his rather large house, things turn even darker and creepier than Jane Eyre and the mad wife locked away.  Frankly, there is a madwoman, but she’s wandering around as the as the housekeeper named Dorothy.

Helene quickly becomes disillusioned with her new life and falls for the advances of the doctor who saved her life. They begin this rather entertaining affair, copulating at every turn.  In the meantime, her vicar husband is finding that he has a sexual propensity toward men and, in particular, one of his servants.  All the while in the background, the crazy housekeeper is out to discredit Helene any way that she can because she’s in love with Edmund.

The series is dark. The humor is crude.  And the ending a hoot.  If you like the kind of twisted dark humor that will give you a laugh and the willies at the same time, Hunderby (along with its commercials on Hulu) is the one for you!

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