The White Queen (Television Starz 2013)

4 Crowned Kernels

When learning about England and their kings and queens, I’m often overwhelmed about how vicious, greedy, vindictive, immoral, and conniving these royals were about their family dynasties. The crown seemed to be the focal point of life, and killing, clawing, and stealing to sit upon the monarch’s chair and wear the jewels made monsters out of most of them. Loyalties shifted like the weather, and to keep one’s head, you either went with the flow or paid the price of treason. Of course, every faction could be praying to God at the same battle for victory, believing they were the chosen and only one anointed to rule. However, you never really get to know what God thinks about it all.

The White Queen is another entertaining look into one portion of history, which made me grab for my reference book regarding the real story of kings and queens in England. The series is a great binge watch for anyone who wants to get swept away into the world of dukes, earls, princes, kings, and queens. It contains just the right amount of intrigue to keep audiences tuning in to the next episode.

As far as the cast, they do a plausible and fairly convincing job in their roles. Every time I see James Frain play another scoundrel in the realm of royalty, I find him convincingly irritating to say the least. Of course, he usually loses his life in one way or the other.

All in all, the series is good. I don’t think it is as well as The Tudors, but it’s right up there with it. I’d give the show four crowns rather than four kernels.

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