A Princess for Christmas (TV Movie 2011)

4 Kernels

Starring: Katie McGrath, Roger Moore, Sam Heughan

Next on my Christmas list for entertaining movies, is A Princess for Christmas.  Currently streaming on Amazon, it’s a lighthearted and touching story, which also stars the pre-Outlander Sam Heughan, three years younger. He sports a British accent in this flick, but every once in a while that Scottish brogue slips through.

The movie borders on a fairytale-type story of Jules Daly, played by Katie McGrath, who is taking care of her niece and nephew, who lost both their parents in a tragic accident.  Besides trying to be a good guardian to a rebellious young teenager and a sweet little girl, she is struggling to provide for them financially. When she loses her job things look bleak, until Paisley Winterbottom shows up at her doorstep with three tickets for a European getaway to Castlebury Hall, where the children’s grandfather lives. Story has it, his elder son married Jules’ sister, of which he did not approve. You know the bit, marry beneath your station and you’re no son of mine.

The aging grandfather decides he wants to become acquainted with his grandchildren.  Jules agrees to take the trip, and they arrive at a posh castle that not only contains grandfather, but Ashton Prince of Castlebury, the younger son. Upon their arrival the duke, played by aging Roger Moore, is anti-Christmas, brooding, irritable and downright miserable to be around. Arrive the innocent and forthright children:

Duke of Castlebury: Well, children, is there anything you would like to ask your grandfather?
Milo:Yeah, how come you gave us the shaft all these years?

However, Jules Daly is the total opposite of the old man’s darkness and brings back much-needed light into a home that has been without happiness and love for some time.

I think what I like most about this movie is the classic fairytale-type of romance it represents. The character of Jules is so sweet, it’s not hard to fall in love with her spirit. Sam is very different in this movie. You won’t see the brawny Scot. Nevertheless, he’s a good choice for the role. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie gets more attention since millions of women are swooning over him in Outlander.

Currently streaming on Amazon, I purchased it last year for $6.99, but it gives you a license to download the movie five times.  I have four downloads/years left to watch it again.  Viewers on Amazon appear to enjoy it rating it a 4.7 overall, even though Imdb gives it a 6.4.

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