The Other Woman (Movie 2014)


2 Kernels

Stars: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann Kate Upton

I watched this moving on a Sunday afternoon and it felt like it was four hours long rather than one hour and fifty minutes — which is still too long. It’s a rehashed story of “the other woman” or in this case it’s the “other women.” Frankly, I think the tale of the cheating husband with multiple wives and girlfriends is becoming overplayed (as I remind myself not to go down that road in my next book).

Lisa Mann, who plays Kate King, the jilted wife, is about the only smile of humor in the entire movie. She is absolutely great as the ditzy other half of a conniving and manipulating husband who takes advantage of her less than stellar brain power.

Cameron Diaz plays Carly Whitton, who falls in love with the cheater. When the wife and Carly discover each others existence, Kate wants to be friends. The movie slowly and painfully progresses until girl No. 3 shows up on the scene, also totally unaware of Mr. King’s multiple arrangements with women. Of course, they plot their revenge and on we go — to where, I’m not quite sure.

There were so many boring and unnecessary scenes, I think the editor must have been asleep on the cutting room floor. It’s not one of Cameron’s best roles (which I’m frankly stuck on The Holiday as the one I love the most and the cutest character she has ever played). I found it disappointing. The rest of the shallow characters pop in and out – Carly’s father leaving his fifth marriage, Kate’s brother interested in Carly, all of which do not add very much to the storyline. Since it’s been played so often, I guess there isn’t much to add anyway.

If you watch it, keep your fast forward in hand to get through the painful parts. You can rest assured that the cheating husband gets his punishment in the end, and everyone else ends up happily ever after. It was $4.99 on Amazon Movies on Demand.  Wait for Netflix or a cheaper price, as this movie will soon be forgotten.


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