The Proposal (Movie 2009)

Stars:  Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Bette White, Mary Steenburgen, and Craig Nelson
Here we go!  It’s another rehashed plot, romantic fluff, mildly entertaining movie that I frankly enjoyed.  It has a great cast, silly premise, and happy ending.
It’s about two people thrown together that despise one another.  A high-powered, overbearing diva of a boss in the publishing industry – Sandra Bullock; and a handsome, kind, assistant who seeks a career doing what he loves.  Their relationship as boss/subservient is pretty pathetic, until the big-powered career woman is faced with being deported back to Canada because her visa expired. (You think she would have been on top of that one!)  Since her assistant does everything for her, why not have him marry her so she can stay in the country? Sounds reasonable.  A few threats, the fear of losing his job, and you have a somewhat crazy plot.
Let me just say that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t do enough movies, especially with his shirt off. After all, he was voted the sexiest man alive in 2010 by People Magazine.  I really like him, and I think he could be king of romantic comedy rather than a green lantern if he did more movies.  He’s engaging, nice eye candy, and has that charismatic sweetheart attraction.  It seems as though he’d rather hide behind the screen doing voice acting of late, and his movies on the horizon don’t interest me.
Sandra is a bit different in this role, playing the mean employer, who thinks the world revolves around her life and career.  High-powered and used to getting what she demands, her character is much different.  The only similarities are the ending of the movie that is a mirror of “While You Were Sleeping,” which contains the altar confession and love of a family she never had.  In fact, it’s so similar, it’s a bit plagiarist freaky.
The hoot of the movie is Bette White, who plays the eccentric and feisty grandmother of the clan. Let’s face it, that old woman is a classy lady, who shows us that laughter is good for your health.  Does she ever not smile?  
Well, the plot is a bit rehashed, but it’s good light entertainment. The high point of the movie is, of course, naked Ryan Reynolds and stark naked Sandra Bullock running into each other chest to chest, with Sandra falling on top of him.  Quite hilarious, which I’m sure they must have had a great time filming the scene.  It’s a scream watching Sandra beforehand running around with a wash cloth over her privates and her arms across her boobs.  Ryan undresses to show off six pack abs. Of course, my focal point in that scene stayed upon his buff naked body.
In any event, I give more than the general public.  Heck, the scenery in Alaska at least deserves four kernels.

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