Paranoia (Movie 2013) – It’s Not THAT Bad!

Stars:  Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford 

“99 channels and nothing on TV.”   A bit of trivia.  Who said that line in a movie with Bruce Willis?

Well, that starts my Tuesday night at the movies.  Nothing on TV, so I hit NetFlix and Paranoia.  I remember seeing the coming attractions at the theater (or theatre, if you are a Brit).  Anyway, 5% Rotten Tomatoes rating?  Gessh, it wasn’t THAT bad.  

Okay, it was semi-entertaining. Not too trilling. All sorts of cell phone lingo and creepy facts how we can always be tracked and watched. You do know that downloading Angry Birds on your cell phone puts a tracker on it right?  Think I’m looney?  Read about it on CBS, Spies Use Angry Birds and Other Apps.  

In any event, it’s a story of a young 27-year old male, Adam Cassidy, who wants to be successful in the corporate world. He doesn’t want to end up like his father, who worked as a security guard all of his life with nothing much to show for it in his elder years.  The young man, who already works at a technology firm, tries his best to get ahead.  When he crashes and burns in a presentation to the “big boss,” he gets fired and then recruited back to do a little corporate espionage.  As they dangle the money and perks, he sees it as a easy way to get ahead and pay the bills.

Well, needless to say, he’s sorry because the big guys don’t play nice.  Two rival friends, now with rival companies (bald-headed and old looking Harrison Ford, plus Gary Oldman), use poor Liam Hemsworth as a stooge and a means to get back at the other.  The affair doesn’t end well for anyone when the FBI gets involved.

On a side note, it was nice seeing Richard Dreyfuss in a bit part, who plays Adam’s father, and hearing his classic laugh again.  Boy, he’s aged too!  I guess that means I’m aging with all these stars. 

That, of course, brings me to cutsie Liam.  Oh, to be 27 again.  That hair – those eyes – his dreamy voice.  He’s hot in a suit.  Let’s just say nice eye candy, but definitely a young actor who needs to mature in his craft.  He’s not quite there yet, but let’s hope he develops his skills as time progresses.  Currently, he seems to be filming more Hunger Game movies that are in production.

All in all, for a Tuesday night, it was an okay passing of a 106 minutes of mild entertainment before bedtime.  


Trivia Answer:  Rusty Duritz in “The Kid

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